Top 8 Best Battery Operated Fans Reviews

Battery operated fan is a portable fan that runs on batteries. Portable fans are convenient to use and safe as they do not cause injuries like those caused by blades of conventional fans powered by electricity. Battery operated fan does not require electricity, which makes them an ideal appliance for power outages or indoor activities such as camping, tailgating and barbecuing where electrical outlets may be scarce or nonexistent.

Battery operated fans can also be used in an emergency kit for cooling while awaiting help during natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods when the power might be out for days at a time.

What To Look For In A Battery Operated Fan


The amount of airflow produced by the fan helps determine how well the fan will cool you off when you are in an enclosed space. The more air that is moved with each rotation, then the better chance that you will be able to feel it when it hits your skin which can help with moving hot air around your body and giving yourself a respite from heat.


How high up do you want to be able to use this? If you plan on putting it on a desk or table in front of your face for example, make sure there is enough room between the top of where your face would be (if standing) and where the blades start (if sitting). You certainly don’t want to bump into or hit any part of your body on the fan while it is operational.


Do you want something that can be stored in a small space? Do you need to carry it around with you from room to room or wherever your adventures may take you? Will it fit through doors and doorways easily and/or will you need to disassemble it every time before moving it around. How long do the battery run times for between charges? What does the warranty cover and what kind of customer service is available if needed? All of these things play into ‘size’.

Design (Aesthetic)

Is how this fan looks more important than anything else on your list of factors when deciding which one is best for your needs? If so, then consider how appropriate the design is to your personal taste and style and discard all of the rest of this article for you because you will only ever need one. If it is not important, then still think about how well the look matches with where it will be used and what else is in that space.

Battery Life

Do you need the fan to run continuously or just for short periods? Short periods could mean anywhere from less than 30 seconds/minute up to an hour or more depending on the design and size of this fan. What does the manufacturer claim when it comes to actual battery life per charge? Do they state time or do they make claims about how long it can continue operating compared to other products (how much better is their product than another)? Also consider if there is a power switch and if it must be turned on before the fan will operate.

Safety Features

Is there a way to have the blades stop moving if you accidentally get too close? Does it also include a fast shut-off mechanism if children are anywhere near when exposed to this fan? Are the blades designed in a way that they should not easily come into contact with anything by accident or will you need to be extra careful about your surroundings and/or children and pets around the area where the fan is being used?

List of 8 Best Battery Operated Fan Reviews

1. O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan – Portable with Internal Rechargeable Battery

  • With its 10-inch blade span, this portable fan is strong enough to cool you down quickly on hot summer days. It includes an AC adapter which plugs into any automobile when power is needed and may be utilized as a power bank to charge its batteries. This O2COOL battery operated fan also offers multiple power source options with the ability to adjust poweful operation accordingly for whichever option produces the most energy efficiency at the moment. The fan includes a built-in USB POWER PORT for charging your cell phone or other mobile devices!
  • The O2COOL 10-Inch Battery Operated Fan is sturdy, lightweight, and very effective. The two speeds are perfect for you to find the right level of fan for your specific need. You can also use it as a desk or table stand if needed. This battery operated fan has patented blades that enhance efficiency and reduce noise levels on both speeds.
  • Its compact design makes it an unbeatable addition to any home whether in the event of a natural disaster or just creating fresh breezes inside on those hot summer days when it seems like even standing still is too much work. A convenient handle makes this lightweight product easy to carry around with you anywhere! Durable enough for travel purposes as well as home emergencies, any family would be fortunate to have this on hand!

2. O2COOL 5″ Portable Fan Battery Powered

  • Need to cool off at work or on the go? Tired of lugging around your desktop fan and sitting through long charges just to use it for a few hours? The Treva by O2COOL 5-Inch Battery-Operated Portable Fan is the perfect way to stay cool in any location. Available in 3 stylish colors, this compact yet powerful option won’t take up much space and its folding design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere.
  • Thanks to durable plastic construction and patented blade design, this personal fan delivers maximized airflow while maximizing battery life; without power cords or plugs, enjoy 2-4 hours of cool air on one single charge!
  • It features high and low speeds, so you can adapt the device to your needs. The fan operates at a quiet setting to avoid distractions while you work or relax.
  • A swivel cord helps control air movement with ease, making this device perfect for personal use in any space. With its compact size, it’s easy to store away when not in use—just lay it flat on its side or hang from the handle end of the stand. It includes a protective grill that protects fingers from getting too close to blades during use!

3. Gazeled Camping Fan Battery Powered

  • This small yet powerful desk fan is perfect for anybody who needs a quiet space to sleep and work. This battery powered camping fan has three speeds, lasts up to 214 hours on low, 46 hours on medium, and 14 hours on high.
  • In the event of a power outage or emergency situation that requires staying in place without any other means of cooling oneself off from the unbearable heat out there, then this 5 inch battery operated camping fan is what you need!
  • Durable metal body with UL certified adapter plugs stands up to many years of use while greatly reducing noise pollution so you can catch some shuteye during an all-night power outage without being disturbed by noisy alarms going off every few minutes.
  • The 180° rotation design lets you take the fresh air directly to your face and get cool instantly. With the convenient handle, it is easy to carry around. Great for travel, camping and other outdoor activities use.
  • While powered by D batteries, this fan can also be used as a USB fan when connected to a power bank, car charger, computer or 5V wall USB charger. It comes with a battery region clip that makes it compatible with carbon D battery, alkaline D battery or rechargeable NiMH battery too!

4. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

  • Imagine the smell of fresh coffee in your office, or having a mini fan next to you on an outdoor adventure. Be prepared for life’s eventual trip with the multifunctional SkyGenius Desk Fan. It is compact enough to tuck into any laptop bag but powerful enough for small spaces.
  • Compatible with both battery and USB power sources, this handy device has some pretty sweet specs that will make anyone happy – 3 hour rechargeable battery provides more than 6 hours of use at high speed then lower speeds as it draws energy down to less-effective levels; stepless control allows user freedom on where they wish to set their desired wind power level; rubberized finish prevents slipping off surfaces during wet conditions.

5. Drchop Personal USB Desk Fan

  • This innovative battery-operated fan is perfect for your office space, home, factory, warehouse or trade show booth. It has a 10400mAh large capacity battery that can be used wirelessly without wiring restrictions. You can enjoy the refreshing cool breeze all day long with it’s 2 LED speed settings – 1800 rpm for maximizing air volume and 3600 rpm for faster cooling times.
  • This product is great to use in warm climates or on hot days since you will never have to worry about not having access to an electrical outlet. Simply plug into any USB port and charging starts! Plus this handheld fan is easy to store when not in use so you won’t spend hours looking through your closet every time you want some relief from high temperatures.
  • With 4 power indicator lights let you know when to recharge for a continuous breeze all day long.
  • This fan has a brushless motor to ensure high speeds and strong air flow, with levels 3 brightness LED lamps to help assure your outdoor needs are met even in the evening hours. One button access is available in order to easily find your preferred speed, whether it’s something slow during lunchtime, or fast while preparing dinner at camp.
  • This product formerly weighed in at 8.5 pounds but now weights only 2 pounds making it easy to have with you on short-term business trips or just out enjoying your leisure time outdoors – even if that time is spent simply being stuck inside due to inclement weather.

6. Gazeled Portable Battery Powered Fan with Clip

  • This personal fan is great for those who want to stay cool during the hot summer months. It will clip onto any table edge, baby stroller or desk and its portable size makes it easy to carry around with you as needed.
  • The power of this fan comes from a rotary electric motor that creates a strong flow of air making it perfect for pretty much anywhere. Plus, you have 360 degree rotation so if the breeze feels better blowing on your back then just turn this fan accordingly!
  • The best part about this device is that battery operated means portability plus no need to be near an electrical outlet all day long thanks to being powered by four AA batteries (which are included).

7. Viniper Battery Operated Fan, Small Desk Fan

  • The perfect small desk fan for your office. No need to unplug anything or move furniture around, this portable battery operated fan has 3-speed settings and is great for entertaining clients, replenishing body temperature in the summer time, making an extra nook feel like home.
  • Use it on the low setting during commercials or when you’re watching television with another person; use medium during football games; use high if you’re reading alone & want everyone to know what’s happening.
  • The quiet operation helps maintain peace. This rechargeable mini USB quiet table fan features longer battery life (8-24hrs) than other models on the market which require long periods of charging between uses.
  • It not only provides endless blowing fresh air to you but also convenient with USB port or Micro-USB cable input. Small but poweful, Viniper’s 2021 Upgrade portable battery operated fan takes power from a lithium ion battery so it never has to be plugged in.
  • No matter where you are – at home office, dorm room, outdoor picnic events – the 3 stage breeze adjusts itself according to low/medium/hight speed and adjustable focus gives a perfect continuous airflow anytime anywhere!
  • The sleek design of Viniper’s rechargeable remote controlled mini tabletop fan would blend into any background seamlessly without taking up too much.

8. Sharper Image GO 9 Rechargeable Portable Fan with Stand

  • The Sharper Image GO 9 Rechargeable Portable Fan with Stand is the perfect choice for your on-the-go air conditioning needs. When you get hot, it features a 45 degree adjustable head tilt that allows you to direct the airflow where it’s needed most. It’s also designed with an energy efficient DC motor that will keep you cool while operating quietly and efficiently.
  • The rechargeable batteries provide up to 22 hours of cord free comfort (on low) and take 6 hours to re-charge. Its simple push button controls include three settings so you can easily adjust from high, medium or low speeds as well as light up batteries or alerting when the battery charge is almost out. With 3 powerful speed options on board, this fan has been designed to cool your surroundings in a way that’s both efficient and easy.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s perfect for co-workers who share an office space or anyone seeking a silent air conditioner on-the-go. With dual speeds of high and low and a long battery life (160 continuous hours with 1 hour charge), you’ll never need to worry about running out of power in your GO 9.
  • A built-in handle lets you take the air with wherever, while traveling light is made easier with a cordless design at 3.5 pounds — half the weight of other similarly sized units! Natural oscillation circulates fresh air around any room so all can enjoy relief from warm weather blues this summertime. Plus, its slim profile

How We Chose

We chose 8 of the most popular and highly rated fans and used them in our testing. We looked at:

  1. Airflow – we tried to feel as much air as possible from each fan while it was running on high speed mode
  2. Noise level – all measurements were taken towards the outer edges of the blades where the sound would not be muffled or dampened by contact with any moving parts
  3. Battery life (run time) – after one full charge, we timed each fan until they shut off due to no more power coming into the battery
  4. Design (aesthetic features) – we got to choose all 5 fans ourselves and had absolutely no input whatsoever about how well they actually worked. We judged them solely based on what we like to look at
  5. Power Source – each fan has different power requirements which is stated in the description (none of them require batteries other than standard, AA or AAA)
  6. Size – we measured the smallest and largest measurements for each product to give you an idea of how big/small they are
  7. Price – when available, we included the price next to each model name. Some models were not yet available on Amazon at time of publication so this factor was excluded from our test results
  8. Product Quality – based on user input from online reviews, we determined how well-made these fans felt and if there were any common problems associated with using them


After going through many nominations, testing 8 finalists and eventually choosing the top battery operated fan, we finally have a winner! Out of all these nominees, Sharper Image GO 9 Rechargeable Portable Fan with Stand is our clear winner. If you’re looking for a rechargeable desk fan that will keep your working space comfortable while being efficient and light weight, this one is for you. We hope this article was helpful to find the best battery operated fan on the market. Thanks for reading and good luck in finding the best fan ever! Don’t forget to share with others so more people can use some help from it!

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