12 Best Griddle Grill Combo

A griddle grill combo is a small, portable combination of a griddle and a grill. Many models attach to the picnic table and work as either one or the other, but most do not detach from the table. Griddle grill combos are often used as an extra surface for cooking or as a way to provide more types of food at once.

Our research team set out to find the best griddle grill combo on the market today. To accomplish this goal, we first scoured online reviews and consumer recommendations. We then compared what we found with expert guides and other professional sources. Afterward, we checked for information from manufacturers before concluding our research by running each item through a battery of tests to assess performance across common metrics like speed, durability, ease-of-use, and value. In all, we conducted close to 200 hours of research from start to finish.

List of 12 Best Griddle Grill Combo Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle is a versatile three in one kitchen gadget. With the flip of a switch, this indoor grill and griddle can be your breakfast’s cooking companion for pancakes and eggs or lunch restaurant worker with grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. The reversible plates make switching between dinner grill and whole grill/grill quick and easy while the double cooking zones means you’ll be freeing up space in no time to cook for any meal size – from four hungry children or adults right down to just yourself! Save countertop space by simply flipping over your plate (hence it’s name) when desired heat is set depending on what part of the food you’re cooking on.

Highlight Features:

  • Removable grill plates let you turn the unit into an indoor griddle for pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Double cooking zones enable maximum flexibility; cook small portions on one side, flip over the reversible cooking plate and cook large helpings of meat on the other side.
  • Cool touch handle won’t burn your hand when adjusting food’s doneness or removing the grill plate.
  • Convenient cord storage provides countertop space by wrapping excess cord under the base for neat organization.

2. ATGRILLS Electric Griddle 3-in-1 Grill&Griddle Combo

This 3-in-1 Electric Griddle is a super versatile kitchen tool for any cook. With the two cooking areas, it’s up to you which style of grilling or frying you want to use at that moment. The grill can be used as a griddle, and the griddle can turn into an electric grill with ease. This multifunctional product provides three ways of usage: there’s a 19″ x 10″ surface that also has two dedicated cooking areas that allow a variety of dishes to be cooked from pancakes and bacon right through to chicken and vegetables – all in one handy appliance! It features separate area temperatures control up 450°F degrees, so heat up time is considerably fast, heating evenly throughout resulting in perfect results, no matter what you’re cooking.

Highlight Features:

  • This is a 3-in-1 electric griddle and grill – unique!
  • Three ways of usage: can be used as a griddle, grill, or fryer
  • Separate surface temperature controls plus two dedicated cooking areas
  • 19″ x 10″ total cooking area with two cooking surfaces
  • Grill surface temperature control: 450°f
  • Coated griddle plate (non stick) for easy cleaning and a healthy cook
  • Non-skid rubber feet ensure security and prevent sliding on the countertop
  • On/off switch, heavy duty cord for safe operation and easy storage

3. Megachef Dual Surface Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle

The Megachef Dual Surface Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle promises a lifetime of delicious cooking. It’s made from scratch-free stainless steel with an innovative non-stick surface for meals to be easily lifted off the cookware after cooking, making cleanup quick and easy. This grill heat up quickly and has two surfaces: one for grilling meats like chicken breast or steak; another side gets hot enough to cook pancakes or eggs without scorching or sticking. Take this riveted holder out on your next camping trip, tailgate party, boating excursion, family barbeque – The options are endless!

Highlight Features:

  • Removable temperature control for easy cleaning.
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable grill plates mean you’ll have less mess to clean up after cooking!
  • Can cook anything from steak to pancakes with just one appliance.
  • 15″ by 11″ total grilling surface area on both sides.
  • Lightweight and portable: Cook anywhere, anytime!
  • Perfect for camping, boating, tailgating, and more!
  • Power cord stores inside of the unit for easy storage.

4. TELAM Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

The TELAM 3-Burner Side-Adjustable Camping Gas Grill Griddle is a necessary companion for any outdoor enthusiast! Boasting three adjustable burners that can ignite up to 54000 BTU, this side burner provides professional chefs with more cooking power. Free yourself from the limitations of a campfire, freeing up more time and space in your pack to make room for all of your other outdoor needs!

Whether you’re looking to spice up your summer BBQ or simply light some embers on wet winter days, this versatile set will get the job done effortlessly. Lightweight and compact enough for easy transport whether by foot or vehicle, every piece has been pre-assembled – making cleanup an effortless breeze.

With ingenious cooking equipment like the 3 stainless steel pots, this gas grill griddle allows you to create some of your family’s favorites without ever leaving home. The ability to move food around thanks to the 2 stainless steel frying tools protect it from burning and reduce heat loss, maintaining your current cooking temperature throughout the process.

This outdoor oven has taken camping up a notch with features not found in other models on or offline! It heats up fast and still leaves extra room for more people around your campfire – everyone will want one of these!

Highlight Features:

  • 3 adjustable burners that can ignite up to 54000 BTU, provide professional chefs with more cooking power
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it super easy to carry and clean, transportation by foot or vehicle is not a problem at all
  • Stainless steel pots allow you to move food around and reduce heat loss while still maintaining cooking temperature
  • A 2 stainless steel frying tool protects food from burning and reduces heat loss while still maintaining cooking temperature
  • Pre-assembled, simply attach your propane tank and you’re ready to go!
  • Easy assembly with only two screws per pot requiring no tools whatsoever
  • Reduce rusting and corrosion by using high-quality stainless steel

5. Camplux Flat Top Gas Grill, Propane Gas Griddle Grill Combo

The Camplux grill is perfect for any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether you’re making eggs bacon and toast for the kids before school or preparing steaks overnight camping trip food with your favorite vegetables (grilled onions!), there’s no wrong way to cook anything on this chef-ready grilling equipment.

With up to 190 sq. In. of grilling space and 179 square inches of cooking area in the flat-top mode, it can serenely transform from a BBQ grill onto an electric burner top about anywhere! This efficient burner has two independently tube burners that let you turn down one while turning up another – providing flexible heating options for delicate meats like fish fillets to juicy steakhouse perfection. The small design of Camplux safety grill is a product that makes a big change in the way you cook for your family.

It features an electronic ignition so you never need to burn your food with charcoal, kerosene or matches again. This unique grill has detachable legs that allow you to wheel the product wherever it’s needed and has side tables which can be used as prep stations when grilling hamburgers or chopping vegetables with ease since it lies stable on its 4 sturdy metal legs. The Camplux Flat Top Gas Grill is a great gift for any ardent camp travelers in your life!

Highlight Features:

  • Sturdy steel construction designed for people on-the-go
  • Removable grill top for flat surface cooking
  • Detachable legs with rolling wheels allow you to take it anywhere!
  • Side tables fold out as prep stations.

6. Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Table Top Gas Grill Griddle

The Royal Gourmet Portable Table Top Gas Grill Griddle will be your new favorite camping companion. When cooking outside, the last thing you want to worry about is having enough space for all your prepping and preparations. This handy tabletop grill gives you a quarter of an acre of real estate to work with, perfect for preparing large dishes or searing meat.

The stainless steel body can withstand even the harshest elements outdoors while remaining stylish at the same time. And should your food require vegetables that are not safe to cook over propane flame—such as spinach or mushrooms—the double-sided grilling surface also serves as an excellent large griddle so you don’t have any excuse not to clean out the fridge before leaving home again!

This grill griddle is large enough to fit up to three 24-inch panini or steaks at once. It’s perfect for everyday cooking and all the parties you host on the weekend. Say goodbye to bulkier outdoor cookers, because this handy tabletop model has more than enough room for you and your loved ones!

Its sleek design makes it easy on the cleanup day with its slide-out grease cups that can be easily emptied of residue during cooking, allowing for quick cleaning after use. With little assembly required (and none of the headache) this product snaps right into place like a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll be grilling before you know it!

Highlight Features:

  • Stainless steel construction for durability and style
  • Can be used as a tabletop grill or griddle
  • Large cooking surface: 316 sq. in
  • Adjustable heat controls for precision cooking
  • Slide-out grease cup for easy cleanup
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches

7. Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

The Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle is the most effective way to whip up a dinner for four with its immense cooking space and ability to grill or pan fry. This product has an electronic ignition system, making igniting the stove easy every time.

Even during your last few moments of prepping you can enjoy quick time management as this product offers fast start-up. With heavy duty stainless steel construction around two racks, grilling for hours is not a problem with 13,000BTUs that will cook anything from small vegetables on one burner side to meat on the other.

During cleanup after a big meal comes the best part: the powerful grease management system not only makes it convenient to clean but also keeps cooking surfaces sanitized and free of bacteria.

Highlight Features:

  • It has a large cooking space and offers quick start up.
  • The grease management system makes cleaning easy.
  • It is durable and of very high quality.

8. Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo with Bacon Cooker

Sprinkle with some seasoning and grilled to perfection, the Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo is as versatile as it sounds. For those clients looking for delicious breakfast recipes, this is the perfect appliance for you! Double griddle plates can cook up everything from pancakes to eggs and french toast at the same time, while the grill plates also allow for versatility in cooking burgers or chicken breasts if desired. And with a bacon cooker and easy clean features like an open flat design and dishwasher safe parts makes everyday breakfasts simple.

Home cooks love this multi-function indoor grill because it does more than just cook a steak. With a surface area of 100 square inches, you can easily cook a meal for a family or double the size by opening it to 180 degrees. Use the adjustable temperature control and don’t have any worries about always running out of room on your stovetop-simply put in your ingredients and enjoy!

Easy clean up with no mess bacon cooking by simply flipping the removable kickstand to elevate the “grill” from grease spillages. You’ll also get an extra bonus – even crispier bacon without turning with this turn dial that cleverly controls your desired level of crispiness while either grilling bacon or frying eggs.

Highlight Features:

  • Double griddle plates allow for breakfast and brunch on the go
  • No splatter, no mess bacon cooker makes it easy to cook without the grease
  • Easy clean up with dishwasher safe parts allows you to spend less time in the kitchen
  • Adjustable temperature control means even cooking every time throughout the entire surface area

9. Blackstone 22 inch Portable Gas Griddle with 2 Burners

The Blackstone 22 Cooktop Tabletops Griddle is perfect for those who aren’t looking to do a full kitchen’s worth of work every time they need to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has two independently controlled heat zones and a heavy duty cold rolled steel griddle top that is 339 square inches.

With this portable gas table tops griddle, you can cook any meal without having to worry about the inevitable mess and grease damage on your indoor surfaces. The tabletop design makes it easy for anyone- either an expert chef or novice home entertainer-creating food as brilliant as their company!

Highlight Features:

  • Cooks large meals on a small tabletop
  • Heavy duty cold rolled steel griddle top is 339sq in.
  • Two independently controlled heat zones for perfect results every time
  • Cleans up easily with a damp cloth and stainless steel cleaner

10. Health and Home 2-in-1 Nonstick Indoor Smokeless Electric Griddle

If you are looking for the best griddle, look no further. Health and Home is proud to offer one of the most innovative electric griddles on the market today. With a large 10.5×21 inch cooking surface this unit has enough space for any family cookout or get-together; not to mention that it offers professional quality with its even heating system and detachable thermostat that can be stored within cabinets while not in use!

The nonstick coating also helps make cleanup simpler than ever before, while leaving your new grill capable of lasting 5 times longer than others on the market without cracking or odors – all at an affordable price which saves money!

The 5 level heat setting options are all set to the perfect heats that are needed. Forget about worrying overcooking too long, simply select the right one that works best for your dish!

Grill seafood, steaks bacon, omelets on the ribbed surfaces of this product. There’s also a flat surface should you want to fry eggs or vegetable pancakes! You don’t have anything to worry about anymore because there is an unbeatable warranty available.

Highlight Features:

  • Heavy duty construction for professional use with even heating
  • Detachable thermometer is stored within cabinets when not in use
  • Nonstick coating makes clean up easier
  • 5 level heat setting options to meet the needs of any dish

11. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Cook like a pro with the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station. This has 470 square inches of grilling on a flat top, perfect for breakfast and dinner! Make pancakes, eggs, quesadillas, steaks and potatoes or Teppanyaki style dishes which you never thought you could cook at home. Cook your favorite recipes with ease thanks to the electronic ignition system that is easy to put together in minutes.

No hassle of lighter fluid either- this gas grill uses cooking oil instead so you get all of the great flavors without any flare-ups from lighting up your barbecue or grill. Tons of space too- there are shelves on the side for storing food while it’s cooking as well as bottom shelf

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle Station is the perfect heavyweight, high-quality commercial grade outdoor tool kit for grilling and griddling at home. With these five durable tools – one scraper that can chop food into pieces or scrape it clean; two heavy-duty restaurant-style stainless steel spatulas in professional quality.

A shredding plate with holes to turn veggies and potatoes (for healthier fajitas) into finer strands; a wire turning scrubber for slipping easily through tofu to prevent breakage during cooking, and an 18×18 nonstick grill mat to make things easier on coating surfaces – creating meals has never been simpler. All you have to do is add a little creativity! Guarantees fast easy BBQ cleanup too!

Highlight Features:

  • Unique design for grilling on one side and an electric flat top made of stainless steel cooking surface on the other.
  • Assemble in minutes without any tools required!
  • Electronic ignition system – no hassle of lighter fluid either- this gas grill uses cooking oil instead so you get all of the great flavors without any flare-ups from lighting up your barbecue or grill.
  • Four removable side shelves for extra storage while cooking plus an additional bottom shelf.
  • The item weighs 69 pounds, which is considered heavyweight in the outdoor-cooking market.
  • Made with heavy duty steel construction for strength and durability.

12. Cuisinart Electric Griddler

The Cuisinart Electric Griddler is an innovative kitchen appliance that optimizes grill space to seamlessly transition from panini press, contact grill, full grill and half griddle or half grill. Featuring digital controls for optimal heat management with easy-to-use settings ranging 175 degrees to 450 degrees, reversible plates with dishwasher safe scraper for clean-up and BPA free plastics in the design.

The Cuisinart Electric Griddler is a beautifully designed product that offers four different cooking options so you can easily cook up eggs in the morning when you’re running out of time before work! With low fat cooking integrated into the design itself through its temperature control knobs, this appliance will be your go to option when time just won’t allow for a full meal to be prepared.

Highlight Features:

  • Digital touchpad controls with an LED display for easy viewing
  • Offers four different cooking options to meet your needs when time is limited
  • Temperature controls ranging from 175 degrees to 450 degrees in 25 degree increments
  • Scraper plate design for easy cleaning
  • Sleek, stylish BPA free plastics used in the construction of this appliance
  • Designed to have optimal space for cooking
  • Dishwasher safe parts allow you to clean the product with ease

What To Look For In A Griddle Grill Combo

When it comes to buying any grill, consumers should take the following things into consideration:

  1. Size and Capacity:
    A griddle grill combo can offer you lots of cooking space, but not if the dimensions aren’t right for your kitchen! Make sure that you measure your countertops carefully before purchasing one. It is also important to look at how much food the product is capable of holding; some units may be very large and bulky or take up valuable countertop space, while others are small enough to fit in tight spaces like an RV or tailgate party.
  2. Additional Features:
    Some hotplates come with additional features like removable grease trays or foldable handles for easy storage; these can make life easier while cooking on your hotplate, especially if you’re trying to get the most out of limited countertop space!
  3. Construction Quality:
    When it comes to products like this, one should always go with quality brands that will last for years after an initial investment. Cheaper products often lack durability and may fall apart easily under pressure or simply stop working after a short period of time.
  4. Number Of Burners:
    Looking to do lots of multi-tasking? Some griddle plates offer you the option of choosing how many burners you want to activate depending on what your food needs are. This ensures that your hotplate can handle everything from searing steaks at extremely high heats, to simmering sauces and keeping cooked foods warm.
  5. Ease Of Use And Cleanup:
    Some brands claim that their product is easy to clean; this isn’t always the case! Look for products with removable grease trays or surfaces that are non-stick for easy cleaning after every use.

Griddle Grill Combo FAQs

  1. Q: Should I just get two separate appliances?
    A: If one of your main priorities is saving countertop space, then it’s best to buy a combo appliance because they take up less room, plus they have multi-functional designs for your convenience. It also saves money on energy costs because these are designed to utilize all burners and elements from your stove.
  2. Q: What should I do if the griddle plates or grill plates are difficult to clean up?
    A: Some models come with a removable dishwasher safe plate, which makes it easier for you to clean them after using. If not, then try using a wire brush while the griddles/grill plates are still warm to remove debris and stuck-on food particles. You can also use wet paper towels or scrub sponges that have abrasive edges; just be careful because these tools may scratch the non-stick surfaces of the cooking appliances.
  3. Q: Does this unit really save space on my countertop?
    A: Yes! It’s actually good for kitchens (and tight spaces) that don’t allow for much, since these appliances utilize all burners and elements within your stove. It’s also way easier to clean up after dinner when you can quickly wash the removable dishwasher-safe plates; this is unlike other appliances that require lots of scrubbing and attention to detail in order to keep them sparkling clean.
  4. Q: How easy is it to transport griddle grill combos?
    A: Most models come with cool-touch handles and secure locking systems in place because they’re designed for portability. So, if you need a cooking tool that travels well (especially when going out on camping trips or picnics), then look for ones that are lightweight yet durable enough not to break easily during travel time.
  5. Q: What foods can be cooked with it?A: A griddle can cook many different foods including pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruits, veggies and sandwiches. A grill can cook anything that you would use a regular barbecue for such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Thaw out frozen meats before trying to put them on the BBQ; this will bacteria grow during thawing.
  6. Q: Why should I get this?
    It’s a great item to add to your camping gear for more space and options when cooking, but it can also be used in the backyard at home for parties or other gatherings. A griddle grill combo will provide you with more opportunities for cooking different things and give you a larger surface area to work with. Make sure everyone has enough food… no one likes an empty stomach.
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