Top 10 Best Grill Cover

A good grill cover is an essential part of any grilling experience. Not only do they keep your grill clean and dry, but a sturdy one can last for years if you take proper care of it. This article will give you the information you need to choose the perfect grill cover for your needs.

Blog post-intro paragraph: A good grill cover is an essential part of any grilling experience. Not only do they keep your grill clean and dry, but a sturdy one can last for years if you take proper care of it. This article will give you the information you need to choose the perfect grill cover for your needs so that even when winter rolls around again next year, your favorite cooking device will be ready to go!

List Of 10 Best Grill Cover Reviews

1. Pit Boss Grills 820 Grill Cover, Black

Keep your hard-working grill looking flawless with a Pit Boss Grill Cover. This form-fitting cover whisks away dirt, spills and weather without a hitch. You can keep all of the food flavors from cooking in while keeping it easy to clean with vinyl backing and waterproof polyester fabric. With a drawstring lock to make sure this heavy-duty cover stays firmly on your grill, you can use it wet or dry for years!

2. Traeger BAC380 34 Series Full Length Grill Cover

Want to keep your BBQ Grill looking as good as the day you took it out of the box? The Traeger BAC380 34 Series Full-Length Grill Cover will save your bacon from being torched! Made for Traeger Texas and Pro 34 grill models, this water-resistant cover will protect your BBQ from damaging weather. Think about all those long, hot summer days when you want to take a break from grilling to catch a quick nap. Do you really want bugs getting in there while you sleep? Say so long to dusty corners because this form-fitted cut fits like a glove that’s easy on and off! With dimensions L: 49″, W: 22″, H: 39″ seek relief knowing that no wind, rain, or snow can

3. Char Broil Performance Grill Cover, 3-4 Burner

When your grill needs a rest, this heavy-duty cover offers all the protection it needs. The Premium cover features 18mil polyester fabric with sun fade protective liner to help prevent the fading of grills out in the elements for days on end, and sealed seams are water-resistant and UV protected for even greater resistance to wear-and-tear. Mere measurements are not enough – measure up to 62 inches wide by 42 inches high by 24 inches deep.

4. Weber 7130 Genesis II Cover, Black

Lose the icky feeling when you see mold or dirt from acidic rain wash straight off.

This amazing cover is made of premium heavy-duty polyester material, water and UV-resistant with breathable fabric to keep your grill protected from elements.

Heavy-duty Velcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, ensuring that it stays in place during windy conditions. The strong materials combined with UV inhibitors help protect against color fading caused by the overly harsh sun. Most importantly, this durable cover resists mold and mildew!

5. Weber Premium 22-inch Charcoal Grill Cover

Your Weber Premium 22-inch charcoal grill will be just as good-looking years from now, with this simple charcoal grill cover. In fact, it’ll look new for a good while longer thanks to UV inhibitors in the fabric that resist fading and still let air penetrate. Plus, its breathable and water-resistant construction keeps your grilling operation going strong rain or shine without fear of damaging the product due to outside elements. The fastening strap is there so you can secure the cover on tight when things get wild out there too! This thing won’t slip off or blow away with ease, keeping everyone happy from one end of their cookout to another.

6. Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover

Sometimes grill cover shopping can be intimidating. There are so many choices, sizes, colors, and brands to choose from. You don’t want to spend money on a grill cover that won’t even fit your gas grill! Lucky for you the Gillman Grill Cover is affordable and will fit almost any brand of gas grill on the market, no more guessing games while searching through endless BBQ grills! With dimensions measuring 58″ L x 24″ W x 48″ H it’s sure to provide more than enough room for your Weber Genesis or other popular models of gas barbecue. Our GrillMan Grill Cover is also made with durable materials which means it will last all year long!

You love to head out on low-key weekends, sit back with some sizzling steak, and relax in the summer heat; but even when you’re away from home, it’s important to protect your investment. When you purchase your quality grill, be sure to keep it covered! The Gillman Premium (58 inches) BBQ Grill Cover is made of durable 45 gauge vinyl-coated polyester that can stand up to all types of weather–rain or shine! It includes heavy-duty elastic that seals tight for a secure fit against wind damage. Get your Gillman today!

7. Grill Cover, 58-inch BBQ Gas Grill Cover Waterproof Weather Resistant, UV Resistant Material for Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Grills and More

Don’t leave your gas grill out in the rain! This cover is instrumental in protecting your investment from harm. The materials this product is made of not only repel wind and rain but also UV rays and dust over time. With adjustable Velcro straps on both sides and an elastic hem rope at the bottom, you can adjust it to fit snugly for a clean, protected cover that will prevent any unwanted breezes from blowing away!

Raised seams and hems prevent water from coming in through the bottom of the cover. A heavy-duty Velcro fastening system secures the grill cover on top to provide maximum protection for your barbecue during rain or snowfalls (while still allowing for airflow). With a convenient carrying handle, this durable cover is made with ripstop fabric that is water-repellent and fireproof.

If you’re looking to protect your investment and purchase just once instead of overpriced replacements every year, then worry no more! This 58-inch grill cover will suit all brands and sizes without any exceptions!

8. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 80 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

Do you find yourself running back and forth to the grill every time it’s windy, rainy, or cold? Then our Veranda Water-Resistant BBQ Grill Cover is for YOU! Our covers are made of water-resistant material with lining on the inside, features high-density stitching for durability, padded handles for your convenience, and webbing that will complement any outdoor space.

When you’re searching for a heavy-duty, durable cover to protect your grill from the weather all year round there’s no need to look any further. This strong and sturdy cover is perfect for protecting your grille from sun, rain, snow, ice, or hail so it can last longer. Gardelle fabric system features an elegant water-resistant fabric top with a protective laminated backing and a protective dark splash guard skirt which will keep anything on your BBQ safe from spills as well as outside grime that may collect over time

9. iCOVER Grill Cover- 82 Inch 600D Heavy-Duty WaterProof Patio Outdoor

iCOVER Grill Cover is your ultimate outdoor grill accessory that will leave you less worried about the weather. Its upgraded, tear-resistant material can effectively prevent water, dust or snow from going through onto your bbq while its UV coating design prevents damage and fade from sunlight and other factors – enabling it to stand up to the test of sharp edges on the grill. With this durable cover in tow for inclement days, you can take a bite out of worry if experiencing an apocalyptic storm while barbecuing solo at home or joining with your picnicking peeps during uncertain outings!

The Grill Cover provides a secure, water-resistant shield to protect your barbeque from the elements. It has enough space for almost any sized grill and includes Velcro straps that can tightly fit around the cover for a snug fit. The bbq cover is made of 600D heavy-duty waterproof fabric with a vent at the front allowing breathability as well as increased weather resistance to keep your barbecue tidy and dry.

10. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

The Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover provides the ultimate protection coverage that your grill needs at any time of year. Even withstanding heavy precipitation, external damaging sources, and so much more, this protective cover will keep your gas grill safe from everything. The cover’s large handles make it easy to lift off when needed and provide enough grip so you can hang it up when not in use, or carry it with ease to securely store inside or out. With one handy strap per side (enhancing security) this BBQ grill protector stays put no matter how high winds kick up!

This cover is specifically for those who have not had luck finding one their grill fits snugly into because it has an extremely generous 55-inch width by 23-inch depth dimension- making it perfect for grills with 3 to 4 burners sized no wider than 47 inches to 53 inches between each side of the grate. But don’t worry, we know you still want better mobility: The foldable Vel

How To Choose the Best Grill Cover


The material of the grill cover is an important factor to consider since it will be responsible for protecting your grill from rain, snow, sun, dust, etc. If you live in a warm area with no winter seasons, you can use lighter materials like cotton or polyester. However, if you are living in colder areas where there is more chance to get snow or rainfall, you should go for heavy-duty covers made of vinyl or PVC which are designed specifically to protect your grill against adverse weather conditions.


Another thing that determines the quality of a grill cover is its price. This product is usually pretty expensive since it has to offer more than just protection, it has to look good too. The price of one grill cover can range from around $5 for a simple design to over $250 for custom-made covers. However, if you have a vintage grill, you should consider investing in expensive covers instead of buying several cheaper ones which will eventually wear out.


Grill covers vary in their functionality. Some have straps, handles, or zippers that help in storage and transportation while others come with UV-resistant materials that ensure the longevity of the product by protecting it from wearing due to sunlight exposure. Furthermore, some grill covers are water resistant so they can be used in all weather conditions without worrying about the important parts of your grill getting damaged by rain or snow. However, these types should only be used when you plan to store them indoors instead of in a garage or on a balcony where they can be exposed to all kinds of elements.

Design and style

The design and style should follow the other two characteristics since they are also closely related to the functionality of the grill cover. So if you want a grill cover that is easy to store, has some extra accessories for easier use, and looks attractive on your balcony without distracting from the decoration, choose one that fits all these requirements.

UV Features

UV rays are probably the biggest enemy of your grill. These rays can damage the paint job, ruin any decals or stickers, and cause rusting in many parts of your grill. This is why it’s important to use a UV-resistant cover when you want to store your grill outside for longer periods of time, especially during the summer months. On the other hand, if you plan to store your grill indoors or in a garage during the winter months when there is less sunlight exposure, a non-UV-resistant option can do just fine.


It’s essential that the grill cover you choose offers some sort of water resistance. If not, even small amounts of rainfall can cause some rusting on the grill, while some snow or ice can make it unusable until you wipe off all water from it. If you want to use your grill during the winter months, make sure that its cover has some level of water resistance. Otherwise, if there are no other alternatives around your area where you could store your grill for the winter, you should consider buying a heater for it so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every year on grilling equipment.

Grill Cover Maintenance

It’s very important that before storing your grill, you always remove all parts that can rust during the winter months. This means that if you use wood or coal for fuel, take them out before you put your grill in storage. After removing all parts, you should clean it properly to remove any debris or dirt that might cause rusting during the winter months when there is no use for the grill. Then cover it with a water-resistant cover to prevent damage due to snow or rain.

Best Grill Cover FAQs

1. What Type Of Material Is The Cover Made Out Of?

The covers are made out of standard vinyl, with exterior zippered access to store accessories. Some also come in polyester with an interior zipper to keep your grill clean. These types of covers will ensure that the inside of your grill stays clean and dry between uses.

2. How Big Of A Grill Does The Cover Fit?

The cover will fit most flat-topped briquette grills up to 54″ wide. Please note that this does not include gas grills. For custom or specialty grills, make sure to check with the manufacturer’s warranty for proper sizing before you buy.

3. Are There Any Other Accessories That Go With The Grill Cover?

A storage bag is an accessory available for most of the covers on our list. This will help keep your grill protected when you are not using it, but it will also keep all of your charcoal and cooking utensils in one place.

4. Does This Product Have A Warranty?

Yes, most of the covers on our list have a warranty. This is especially helpful if there are any issues with your purchase or if you need to send it back for an exchange. Make sure to look at the product description and determine whether a certain type of warranty is included before making a purchase.

5. What Colors Do The Cover Come In?

Many of the covers come in a variety of colors, including gray and black. Some also come in off-white or tan to help them blend better with your deck or patio. You can search through our list for more info, as well as the manufacturer’s website.

6. What Is The Material Made Out Of?

Most of the covers on our list are made out of either vinyl or polyester. Other materials may be used as well, including canvas and faux leather. You should base your decision partly on the other things you want to grill, as well as how much effort you would like to put into cleaning and storing your cover.

7. How Does This Product Store?

Some of the covers on our list are zip or snap-closed, and others come with a convenient storage bag. This will help you easily store your grill cover when it is not in use, and it can also hold all of your grilling accessories.


There are some important factors to consider when you’re looking for the best grill cover. These include size, durability, and functionality. We recommend that you find a grill cover that’s sized to fit your specific needs and has all of the features you want in order to protect your prized possession from harm. With so many options out there, we know it can be difficult choosing just one product over another but don’t worry – our team is here to help!

Our experts have compiled this guide below with their top tips on how to make sure they choose the right type of grill cover for them. Make sure not only do they provide protection against rain or snow, but also offer safety from bugs like mosquitos as well as animals such as squirrels. By ensuring that it’s large enough to protect your grill from all elements, you’ll be sure to bring more joy than stress when spending time outside and on the grill.

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