Best Handheld Milk Frothers

Are you planning to buy a new handheld milk frother or a simple milk frother that can serve you the delight of having your favorite milk based drink with a thick creamy froth early in the morning or while you work late in the night? If yes, then you have come to the right place because you will get all the details about various such products which are highly rated by the users and have received excellent reviews and you can easily decide on your product.

But before proceeding to those review, the most obvious question that arises is “Why handheld milk frothers and not any other milk frothing product?”

Well, if you are one of those caffeine lovers who have a sweet tooth for milk based drinks and want to prepare them at your home instead of running to Starbucks every time and paying a good sum for your favourite drink, then you should start with one of the most basic milk frothers.

Basically, handheld milk frothers (also called battery operated milk frothers) are the simplest forms of milk frothers. They are easy to handle and require very low maintenance. You can get a good experience of creating frothy milk for your latte or chocolate drinks before you decide to move on to a bigger or more complex machine which can of course serve more purposes.

On the other hand, handheld milk frothers also offer you one of the most cost effective solutions for creating your favorite froth based cappuccino or latte or chocolate drink and enjoy it whenever you want it within the dimensions of your home.

What We Recommend?

Before you decide to read the product descriptions and user manuals of hundreds of similar featured products and confuse yourselves with catchy terms used for their description, we have filtered a few of those handheld milk frothers and narrowed down the list based on their consumer ratings and reviews so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs and get started with your frothy drinks today.

1. Classique Electric Milk Frother


Another wand style, handheld frother from Classique that comes with a 15,000 rpm dual speed motor which makes it ideal for lattes and cappuccinos. Not only this, beater is accompanied with a coffee measuring spoon/scoop with handy bag clip. The stainless steel construction keeps it rust proof and retains the original appearance for a long time.

Unlike other frothers, this beater is not limited to milk only and it can perform a variety of task for you like whip up gourmet sauces, blend powdered drinks, almond and soy milk, beat eggs and prepare frothy milk based drinks.

You can either use the electric beater motor or use it manually (for beating eggs or similar task) by holding it between your palms and rotating it when you do not feel the need of using the motor.

2. The Original Café Casa Professional 2 Speed Milk Frother

CAFÉ CASA, a name which needs no introduction and the products introduced by them rightly justify the trust for the brand. The speciality of this frother lies in a powerful dual speed motor which in fact is a 13,000/15,000 rpm dual speed motor to offer you the right speed and power for the perfect froth on our cappuccino.

This frother comes with an elegant design and has a simple to use one button operation. But this is not all that is on offer. Café Casa has complimented its frother with a recipe book for beginners that covers everything from recipes and frothing tips to various ideas of using this handheld device in other ways like beating eggs.

This device can be easily stored in a drawer due to its compact size or can be rested on its base. Stainless steel used in the wand and the casing provides it even more durability as well as gives it a long lasting beauty.

3. Ozeri OZMF2 Deluxe Stainless Steel Milk Frother

If you are not very much into steam frothed cappuccinos and looking for a steam free option for your cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, hot chocolates, shakes and frappes then this frother from Ozeri might very well be the answer. As the description rightly states “petite yet powerful”, the OZMF2 frother can froth milk instantly and produce good quality froth within 10 seconds.

The best part is that you need not worry about a container to store and froth milk because it comes with a 12oz (350ml) stainless steel pitcher itself that elements a manufactured pouring spout and tough handle. A high speed motor that spins at over 15000 rpms is to ensure that you get the best results within a short span of time.

It can froth all kinds of milk and is made of food and drink safe materials. Easy to handle and easy to clean, this device ensures complete customer satisfaction with milk frothing.

4. Aerolatte Milk Frother

This frother from Aerolatte has a streamlined body with a sleek design that adds to its beauty. And using this frother is as simple as pressing a simple on/off toggle button and within a time frame of 20-30 seconds, it can create a perfect froth for your coffee. This handheld frother is battery powered and runs on two AA alkaline batteries. The wire whisk is completely made up of stainless steel, so there is no risk of damage by rusting.

The whisk can produce a good heap of foam instantaneously but the foam is a bit airy and is not as good as the foam produced by a steam wand but it is definitely better than the one created by a pump based frother. It works great with both hot and cold milk.

Cleaning this whisk is pretty simple just like operating it; all that you need to do is put it in soapy water and turn the frother on. But make sure that you do not dip the upper body (motor part) into water; you can use a wet cloth to wipe the upper body so that your frother shines like a new one forever.

Final Thought

Handheld milk frothers, as stated earlier, are the most basic types of milk frothers and they are pretty simple to use devices. Almost all of them feature a similar wand style and single button operation system. And thus, the final word depends on other associated features like double speed motors and contour designing on the handle for better grip or the material used as well as the cost and the satisfaction met by the previous users.

Now, when we compare all these traits in these handpicked milk frothers, we can easily conclude that Café Casa offers a great device with dual speed motors and also turns out to be a relatively cost effective option. However, other featured devices have their own specialities like the Classique milk frother which can indeed perform a wide range of tasks or Ozeri milk frother which comes with a pitcher that is another useful addition or Aerolatte milk frother which is another powerful milk frother.

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