Best iPhone Camera Lens

Do you wish you could get more out of your iPhone camera? Then we recommend getting an add-on iPhone camera lens to take your mobile photography to the next level.

Can the iPhone take wide-angle photos?

Yes – with an add-on lens!

Try a telephoto, macro, wide-angle, fisheye, or even a 360 lens for a whole new level of iPhoneography.

Good quality lenses do come at a price, but there are budget options out there too.

Here is a list of our top 10 recommended iPhone lenses and lens kits.

Best iPhone Camera Lens

1. Moment Wide Lens

LENS TYPE: Wide-angle – 18mm / 0.63x magnification

ATTACHMENT: A moment phone case is needed as no standalone lens mounting solution.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 6 and above.

Moment claims its Wide Lens is the best iPhone camera lens in the world. And it’s hard to argue with them.

It’s a handmade premium lens that won’t disappoint. And although it’s wide-angle, it features impressive distortion correction, to ensure you get top-quality razor-sharp edge-to-edge images.

Get twice as much in a scene with the Moment Wide Lens. It’s the perfect lens for landscape photography – you can capture more of the scene. Similarly, shoot more building exteriors and interiors in your architectural photography. You’ll also be able to fit more people into group photos.

The lens is also great for travel photography thanks to its portability and ease of attachment.

You’ll need one of the Moment cases to attach it to your iPhone, which is sold separately. The lens attaches easily and securely with either the Moment Photo Case or the Moment Battery Case.

2. Sandmarc Pro Edition Lens Kit


  1. Telephoto (60mm / 2x)
  2. Wide (16mm / 0.56x)
  3. Fisheye (10mm / 0.2x)
  4. Macro 25mm / 10x)

ATTACHMENT: Sandmarc case or Sandmarc clip-on mount.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 7 and above.

The Sandmarc Pro Edition is a premium quality kit that produces high-quality images. It’s a great starter kit as you get a range of lenses in a single purchase. The pack contains telephoto, wide, macro, and fisheye lenses. Attach the lenses using either the Sandmarc case or a clip-on mount – both are included in the kit. The kit also includes handy lens caps and pouches, to help keep the lenses clean and scratch-free. Furthermore, the lenses are also filter-compatible, which can be purchased separately.

Are you serious about your iPhone photography and want professional-quality images? If so this is the perfect lens set for all genres of photography.

3. Olloclip Multi-Device Essential Lens Kit


  • Fisheye – 180° spherical effect.
  • Super-wide.
  • Macro – 15x.

ATTACHMENT: Clip mount.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 5 and up.

So what is an Olloclip? Quite simply, it’s the most widely known range of add-on lenses for iPhones. You’ll hear people talk about their Olloclip rather than their add-on lens.

There are plenty of Olloclip lenses on offer but the multi-device essential kit is a great choice. It includes fisheye, super-wide, and macro lenses. This lens set is a great choice for all types of photography, whether you want to add some creativity to your shots with the fisheye and macro lenses, or you want to get more into your image with the wide-angle option.

Plus, unlike other iPhone model-specific lenses, you’ll be able to continue using this setting if you upgrade your phone to a different brand.

You’ll also benefit from an active community that will give you plenty of inspiration: check out user pages showcasing the best Olloclip shots for inspiration. You can even submit your own Olloclip photos for inclusion.

4. Amir iPhone Camera Lens Kit


  • Wide – 0.4x
  • Fisheye -180°.
  • Macro – 10x.

ATTACHMENT: Clip mount.

COMPATIBILITY: All models of the iPhone.

This lens set is incredibly cheap at less than $15. And you get a lot for your money – super-wide, fisheye, and macro lenses.

But what sort of quality can you expect at this price? The answer is surprisingly sharp images.

However, these lenses are susceptible to more lens flare and perhaps a shift in the color palette, which you don’t get with premium lenses.

The clip-on attachment makes it easy to get the lenses on and off your iPhone. Note the clip tends to work better if you don’t have a case on your mobile. You’ll also need to make sure the lens is centered over your iPhone camera lens to get the best possible photos.

Are you keen to try add-on lenses for your iPhone but don’t want to spend a fortune? Well this kit, suitable for all types of photography, is your answer.

5. Moment Tele 58mm iPhone Camera Lens

LENS TYPE: Telephoto – 58mm/magnification 2x.

ATTACHMENT: A moment phone case is needed as no standalone lens mounting solution.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 6 and above.

This Tele 58mm lens is another fantastic lens from an award-winning company Moment. It’s a high-quality piece of kit that gives impressive results. It is great for bringing faraway subjects closer in landscape photography. Moreover, the minimal distortion makes this lens a must-have for portrait photography.

As with the Moment Wide Lens, you’ll need a Moment case to attach the lens. But the same case fits both lenses, so if you already have one, investing in a second lens is less costly.

The lenses are compatible with phone upgrades too: simply buy a new case and continue to use the lenses.

Be sure to download the Moment camera app to get even more out of this lens. It gives your iPhone camera the control and features of a DSLR for just $5.99.

6. Apexel Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit


  • Telephoto – 16x.
  • Wide – 0.63x.
  • Macro – 15x.
  • Fisheye 198°.

ATTACHMENT: Clip mount.

COMPATIBILITY: All models of The iPhone.

The Apexel Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit has plenty of fun features and includes everything you’ll need to take your iPhone photography to the next level.

There are four lenses: wide, telephoto zoom, fisheye, and macro. You’ll also get six kaleidoscope lenses, a circular polarizer/linear (CPL) filter lens, a mini phone tripod, and a remote Bluetooth camera shutter. That’s an awful lot for less than $30!

This kit is the one for you if you want to create fun and creative iPhone shots. Create unique effects on images with the kaleidoscope filters, and the fisheye lens is one of the widest ones available on the iPhone.

Just make sure you attach the lens to the main lens if your iPhone has two rear camera lenses.

There’s also a very handy storage pouch, which protects your kit and also makes it portable.

7. DxO One Digital Connected Camera

LENS TYPE: Entire camera.

ATTACHMENT: Lightning port.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 5 and above.

The DxO One Digital Connected Camera is an iPhone camera upgrade that works independently from your iPhone camera lens. Connect it via your phone’s lightning port and your iPhone screen becomes the viewfinder.

The DxO One is essentially a miniaturized professional camera. It boasts the World’s smallest, most powerful 1-inch sensor. You’re guaranteed much brighter and sharper photos in low light conditions, compared to shots taken purely with the iPhone’s built-in camera.

Furthermore, the DxO One is great for shots from unusual perspectives: swivel it by up to 60 degrees in either direction to easily capture shots from challenging angles.

You’ll love the DxO One if you crave more control of your iPhone camera settings. The free companion app gives you full control with manual shooting modes.

The DxO one is a great choice if you want all the benefits of a pro camera, but none of the hassle of carrying one around.

8. Bitplay Add-on Lenses


  • Ultra-wide – 0.39x.
  • Macro – 6x, 5x, and 1.5x.
  • Fisheye.
  • Wide – 0.6x and 0.68x.
  • Telephoto – 2x.

ATTACHMENT: Case or lens mount purchased separately.

COMPATIBILITY: AllClip iPhone 4 and above, SNAP! case iPhone 7 and above.

Bitplay produces a wide range of add-on lenses for the iPhone, all sold individually. Choose from high-quality lenses including wide, telephoto, fisheye, and macro.

Furthermore, the lenses are compatible with Bitplay filters, which are also sold as part of their range.

The lenses give your iPhone the look and feel of a traditional camera, thanks to a ‘shutter button, and a handgrip. The case that delivers this also serves as a lens mount.

The latest cases for the iPhone X models are stylish, and lightweight, and will give your iPhone enhanced protection.

For older iPhone models there’s a separate add-on grip. This is bulkier but has the advantage of including a fixing point for a standard thread-mount tripod.

Use the AllClip if you don’t want to use the Bitplay case and grip system. This is a lens mount that is compatible with iPhone 4 models and above. Choose this option for your lens kit to work seamlessly with a phone upgrade.

9. Ztylus Switch 6 Lens Case


  • Telephoto – 2x.
  • Wide.
  • Macro – 10x and 20x.
  • Fisheye.

ATTACHMENT: Case mount

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 7Plus, 8Plus, X, and XS.

The Ztylus Switch 6 works with the dual lenses of the iPhone 7Plus, 8Plus, X, and XS.

The kit includes a comprehensive selection of lenses and a protective case. Uniquely, the lenses are all attached to one case. Simply slide the lenses to the side to select the one you want to use. This makes the Ztylus Switch 6 ultra-portable.

You get a lot for your money with the Ztylus Switch 6 case: 6 lenses and a case for around $30 is a bargain. Furthermore, the image quality is good for the price.

The macro lens capabilities are impressive thanks to the use of both iPhone lenses. There’s both a 20x and 10x macro lens included in the kit.

The macro lens can zoom to 20 x and 10x to get extreme close-up detail.

Choose the Ztylus Switch 6 if you are looking for a multipurpose lens kit that’s easy to use. There’s no inconvenience of carrying multiple lenses or having to switch lenses, as they are built into one case.

10. Insta360 Nano S Lens

LENS TYPE: 360-degree camera.

ATTACHMENT: Lightning port.

COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 6 and above.

Have you wondered how those cool 360-degree spherical shots are taken? Wonder no more. The Insta360 Nano S lens lets you do that with your iPhone.

It turns your iPhone into a 360-degree camera. It captures every angle of a scene thanks to the two opposite-facing 180-degree, wide-angle cameras.

It’s a standalone lens and works independently from your iPhone camera. Connected via the lightning port your iPhone screen is your viewfinder.

The lens can also help with composing the perfect shot: get everything in the view and then choose your favorite frame in post-processing.

The Insta360 Nano S is perfect for travel photography: see your favorite locations shot from all directions.

How to Choose the Best Add-On iPhone Lens for You

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to add-on lenses for your iPhone.

So how do you decide which one is best for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you want to focus on a particular type of photography, e.g., you need one specific lens?
  • Do you want to experiment with different lenses, e.g. you need a kit?
  • Is the lens compatible with your iPhone model?

With these answers, you should now be ready to choose the right lens and have fun getting creative with your iPhone photography.

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