Top 7 Best Pop-up Changing Tents Reviews

Pop-up changing tents are a great alternative to the traditional tent. They’re cheaper, lighter, and easier to put up. Plus they can be folded back down into a small bundle that’s easy to store or transport. In this article, we’ll go over the best pop-up tents you can buy for your next adventure!

What Is A Pop-Up Changing Tent?

A pop-up changing tent is a simple portable plastic or cloth cover that hangs low to the ground. Unlike traditional porta-potties, these tents are specifically designed for parents who would like an alternative place to take their babies during outdoor activities such as music festivals, sports games, parades, and so on. They are especially convenient for baby boys, who do not need to be straining themselves when sitting down or standing up.

The opened tent looks like any other small shelter (for example a playhouse) apart from the fact it has two doors on each side of the structure along with an opening in the roof that can be closed off by rolling up the sides; this allows parents easy access into the enclosed space without hordes of people getting in the way.

Why Would You Need One?

The most obvious reason is that you need a place to change your child’s diaper. But if you attend a lot of outdoor events, through the winter months and on vacation, pop-up changing tents can be extremely helpful. If you have an infant or toddler who refuses to sit still long enough for you to complete the task at hand, then these tents are worth considering. With no worries about disturbing others, this will ensure that all of the unpleasantries of changing a poopy diaper will not get on your clothes or the ground.

You may even consider using a pop-up changing tent when going out in public during inclement weather such as rain or snow. When it starts coming down heavily while walking around town with your baby, the tent will protect them against the elements until you can get indoors.

The extra space also provides room to store baby supplies such as baby powder, warm blankets, and the like so they are not taking up valuable room in your diaper bag. If you have older children who are likely to come along with you during your outdoor adventures, there is plenty of room for everyone inside to sit or lie down comfortably.

List of 7 Best Pop-up Changing Tents

1. GigaTent Pop-Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach

Innovative Pop-Up Tent: The Gigatent 6 ft instant privacy tent offers you immediate private space for camping bathroom & potty usage, outside showers, altering clothing, use as a mild rain shelter, and much more. And with no hassles of dull setup — a must-have traveling accessory to the next adventure!

Instant Installation: Designed to extreme advantage our prompt popup tents can be installed immediately and are just simple to fold into a comprised carry bag — set them up effortlessly in the park, poolside, beach, or forest.

Heavy Duty Material: Pop-up Pod from GigaTent Is Quite Simple to Use. Made with high-quality polyester taffeta 190 T water-resistant coating. Contains a flexible steel frame for superior durability. This tent is designed to resist the elements and is engineered with long-term repeat usage in mind. The set contains 4 stakes that need to be employed to secure stability.

Portable With Carry Bag: Pops up and folds down in minutes, no assembly needed. The ultra-lightweight structure allows for simple transport with an included carrying bag. Weighing just 3 lbs, it may be folded into compact dimensions of 20″ L x 20″W x 2″ H.

2. Sportneer Pop Up Camping Shower Tent, Portable Dressing Changing Room Privacy Shelter Tents for Outdoor Camping Beach

Private Pop-Up Tent Design: Suitable pop-up matching room if you want, take it to the shore, on a road trip, into some photoshoot, dancing course, campground, or anywhere that you Want to quickly change clothes; Children playing; on camping shower; roadside bathroom photo modeling

Easy To Set Up: easily pops open without using tools or sticks and rapidly folds into a compact dimension; 8 tent pegs with corresponding loops in the corners of their tent, and also 4 tie-downs to Ensure the tent from gusts of breeze, non-bottom design to maintain tent clean

Waterproof & High Quality: Made from grade tear-proof polyester coated fabric, watertight and ultraviolet-proof

Ergonomic Design: Includes little zipped window Offers good venting, affords free position and comfortable motion; Using a non-bottom design can keep the space tidy; just input the big full double zipper door; Constructed pockets to keep personal belongings; Clothesline to hang your clothes

3. Your Choice Privacy Tent – Pop-Up Shower Changing Toilet Tent Portable Camping Privacy Shelters Room 6.2 FT Tall with Carrying Bag for Outdoors Indoors


Your Choice Pop-Up Shower Tent – No assembly is needed, with lots of campers able to prepare or fold down the shower tent in a mere ten seconds or so. Employing a rust-proof steel framework, quipped using 8 stakes, and encouraging ropes design increases entire tent stability. The unfolded measurements are 47.2×47.2×74.8 inch and also folded measurements are 22.4×22.4×1.2 inch. The mobile pop-up camping shower tent weighs just 5.5pounds allows for Simple transport using a carry bag

Camping Privacy Shelters- Bright light does not disclose your own outline or figure whilst changing, showering, or caring for bathroom enterprise. All sides of this pop-up solitude tent have enlarged fabric cubes, which can be windproof and protect your privacy

Versatile Use (Changing Tent/Toilet Tent/Shower Tent/Privacy Tent/Fishing Tent) – Your Choice pop-up shifting tent affords a personal, clean area anyplace and everywhere. You can take it into camping, the beach, on a road trip, into your photoshoot, dancing class, campground, or anywhere that you Want to quickly change clothes, children playing, swimming pool, spa, roadside bath photo modeling

Offer UV Protection – Top Excellent 190D polyester waterproof cloth UV-resistant, along with the silver inside liner absorbs and reflects the sun to shield the user from ultraviolet lighting

4. WolfWise Pop-Up Privacy Shower Tent Portable Outdoor Sun Shelter Camp Toilet Changing Dressing Room


UPF 50+ & Water Repellent: The silver-coated tent surface reflects the sun to block up to 98% of the damaging UV rays, protecting the consumer from the sudden burning of sunlight. Made from water-repellent polyester with taped seams to help keep the interior shelter dry.

Spacious Space & Portability: The tent has been 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H when open, offering a spacious inside shelter that seamlessly fits 1 individual. Weighing just 4.8 pounds, it could be folded into a compact dimension of 23.2″ L x 23.2″W x 1.4″ H. Ultra-lightweight structure allows for effortless transport with an included carrying bag.

Updated Version: In contrast to a normal shower tent, this one really is specially designed with another rain fly attached to the top to stop the light rain; 1 detachable bottom mat to help keep you warm, and two zipper windows to provide good ventilation.

Pop-Up Design & Multi-use: Readily pops up and folds down in seconds, no assembly is needed. WolfWise privacy tent provides a personal area for potty usage, camping showers, and much more. It’s also perfect for road trips, outside shooting, children’s playing, children’s dancing contests, clothing vending racks, etc…

5. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent – Privacy Portable Camping, Biking, Toilet, Shower, Beach and Changing Room Extra Tall, Spacious Tent Shelter


Superior Quality Construction – made from standard water-repellant polyester, this mobile bathroom and changing room tent was designed to last! Rugged reliable substance, a heavy-duty doorway zipper that will not break, stitches that grip, and a solid build that remains in shape — all combine to provide excellent dependability at a shelter you can depend on.

Ergonomic Design – Measuring 6′ 10.7″ high and 3′ 11″ x 3′ 11″ in length and width when available, the Utilitent gives absolutely free-standing and comfortable movement inside. Mosquito netting with a bathtub opening on top allows for airflow and light whilst preserving privacy. The no-floor layout keeps the tent clean. Extra rain cap attaches to tent high, covering net netting in inclement weather.

Packed With Accessories – This multipurpose pop-up tent is accessorized to your maximum advantage! You’ll come across a shower opening, towel hanger, clothes hanger, bathroom paper holder, private possessions storage pouch, flashlight hanger, plus tent carry bag.

User Friendly – Ideal for transferring from place to put the tent pops up in almost no time and folds easily and compactly to the lightweight carrying bag for simple portability. Besides these 8 tent pegs and 4 guy lines with tensioners to be used under windy conditions, our BONUS of 4 sandbags (with hooks for simple attachment) is an extra-special also that may be employed with almost any tent if the terrain is too sandy or rocky such as pegs.

Versatility – The Utilitent provides a private, intimate, clean, and available space for changing clothes and with the restroom at any time, any location. Even families with young kids can proceed on worry-free camping excursions or hikes into the beach, forest, or desert. It’s excellent for use by classes in large, collective sleeping regions, such as actors/actresses and models changing garments between clips and picture sessions, as well as a dressing room in clothing trade shows and clothing vending stands.

6. Skle Portable Pop-Up Pod Dressing/Changing Tent + Carrying Bag


Perfect Travel Companion: it is a fantastic way to produce a private shelter for bathrooms, changing clothes, or simply camping. It is perfect for use in woods, mountain regions, or national parks, but in addition may be utilised in public parks, swimming pool areas, shore, and campsites.

Comfortable Private Shelter: The tent includes two semi-circle vents and a meshed roof for greater airflow, and that means that you won’t feel stuffy though you keep inside for quite a while. The rain fly along with the 191-D nylon polyester body are rainproof that you can remain dry if it is rainy.

Complete Accessories Bundle: You will get: the built-in tote for one to store tiny items such as your mobile, keys, or pocket; the incorporated clothesline to wash your clothing or towels; and also meshed roofing to keep germs out without obstructing the air.

7. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent


Broad Space: The tent will be 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H Offering a spacious inside shelter that fits a tall guy without even touching your head, which is much greater and faster compared to our older version

UPF 30+ & great venting: The polyester fabric with taped seams blocks 60% of dangerous UV rays. The net top layout and zipper window together with substantial entry deliver 360-degree venting for improved dissipation of body heat and odor.

Multi-function: The shower tent provides a personal area for using the toilet and appreciating a fast shower once you go camping out. In addition, it gives a changing space for versions to change clothing when you take outdoors, for your child’s dance competition, or for clothing vending stands.

Structural Attributes: The tent is constructed from anti-tear 190T polyester to get long-term performance. The framework is constructed from galvanized steel that’s difficult to break and protects against rust. The tent was created with no foundation to keep it clean. With 1 facet luggage to store your telephone, tablet, or other useful items and one clothesline for hanging wet towels or clothes.

What To Look For When Buying A Pop-Up Changing Tent

When looking at a pop-up changing tent, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing one.

  • Size: You will want to make sure that the pop-up changing tent has enough room inside it for both yourself and your child. It is also helpful if you can utilize the space on top of having an added area for storage of items such as wipes, diapers, etc.
  • Durability: This is important because you want to make sure that it does not easily rip or tear from normal usage. Usually, the thicker the material used in construction, the more durable it will be; but this is not always true so do some research before buying one with thick material thinking it is automatically better.
  • Weight: You will want to make sure that it is lightweight enough for you to bring along with you. There are models available some which fold up very compactly while others are larger and bulky, depending on how much space you have in your car or at your campsite.
  • Price: Of course, everyone wants something cheap but the cheapest pop-up changing tents are not always the most durable so do your research before buying one just because of the price tag alone. A good balance will get you the best deal on one that meets all of your needs without breaking the bank.
  • Usability: Do you need an added sunshade? Or maybe a storage bag? How about easy access sides that roll back into their original position: All of these features can just be added bonuses if you are in need of one with only the basics.
  • Extras: While not needed, some parents like to have a little more added on when they purchase a pop-up changing tent for their baby or toddler. Extra storage pockets are nice to have, but this will raise the price tag so make sure it is something you really want before spending extra for it. Also, most tents that come with mesh windows at the top which help your child breathe while inside are usually attached by zippers or buttons which can also rip off rather easily; so they may not be worth the money depending on your budget and needs.
  • Material: This has already been discussed in previous steps but what material do you want? Plastic, Polythene, or Canvas? Each has its perks and downfalls but will ultimately come down to your individual needs.
  • Safety: For most parents, the safety of their child tops the list when it comes time for them to buy a pop-up changing tent. When buying one for your little one, you will want to check that the seams are strong and cannot be easily ripped apart by hand or sharp objects. Also, look at how sturdy it stands once fully erected because some tents do not have enough support to stand on their own if bumped into by an adult let alone a toddler running about camp.

How To Use A Pop-Up Changing Tent

It is recommended to have a pop-up changing tent that is large enough for both parents and the baby to avoid any hassles. You can change one baby or a whole group of babies at once, keeping things simple and easy for everyone involved.

In addition, make sure the sides are rolled down well before you lay your child on the ground or top of a blanket or mat placed inside the tent for this purpose. This reduces the risk of dirt, mud or anything else from getting inside while rolling them over.

Once diaper duty has been completed and you’re ready to leave, simply re-roll the sides back up again next to their original position then zip up all openings to ensure they stay closed securely in place.

For added convenience, many models of pop-up changing tents come with a waterproof floor which is machine washable. The bonus to this is the amount of times you will be able to use it before needing to replace it.

Once finished using your pop-up changing tent for the day, simply pack everything back inside and hang it on a tree branch or any other suitable place where you can reach when in an outdoor setting. If you are traveling by car or plane then pack it away into the storage container that came with your model for transportation purposes.

How To Fold A Portable Pop-Up Changing Tent

Can the pop-up changing tent be easily moved?

Yes, most pop-up changing tents are very easy to move around. However, if you have one with a sturdier frame that is made of metal instead of plastic then the weight will come into play which might make it slightly more difficult. You can always use your muscles to help out but for ones that are easier to move, they usually do not weigh as much.

What does “pop up” mean?

A pop-up tent is exactly what it sounds like-a tent where all the parts are attached and when released pops open automatically by pushing on a button or pulling on an attached cord/rope. Most pop-up changing tents are constructed in this way with only a few requiring you to manually open the tent up by pushing open flaps or zippers.

How big is it?

When compressed, all pop-up changing tents are very compact in size because they fold into their self-made carrying cases. Some are larger when fully set up but still relatively lightweight due to their thin plastic or polythene material construction. If you are looking for one that will be heavier then canvas-constructed ones might suit your needs better however they will usually not be as thick and sturdy so if using them on a windy day it might be best to have another campsite attendant with you just in case.

What about sun protection?

The majority of pop-up changing tents come with large mesh windows at the top that allow air to flow through the structure to keep your baby cool while inside. Typically it already comes with a sunshade that can also be pulled down to cover up the mesh windows for added sun protection if needed. Some come with flaps on the sides of the tent so you can throw them over the top to block out extra light instead of having to crawl outside just to close a side window flap.

What materials are used to make a changing tent?

Pop-up changing tents are typically made of plastic or cloth, with plastic being more weather-resistant and heavier but also keeping the structure upright while not in use. The typical material is polyethylene, which is lightweight and easy to clean/dry quickly when it gets wet, but the weight makes it tear easily if dragged on rocks or gravel surfaces. Vinyl has similar properties to polythene but holds its form better when empty making it more durable. If made with canvas, this will naturally repel water better than any other material type; but it is also the heaviest and most expensive.

What are the extra features of a changing tent?

Most pop-up changing tents come with metal poles for structural support, and an attached rain cover or carry bag to shelter it from rain or wind. Some baby-changing tents even include little pockets on the sides where you can place wipes, nappies, and other such necessary items as well as mesh ventilation along the top so that parents don’t suffocate inside. Other than these additions, there isn’t much else that makes one tent different from another; but then again all parents want their children to be safe regardless of how they go about achieving this goal.


We believe that the best pop-up changing tents are those that have been designed with your needs in mind. After all, you will be using these for hours on end and they need to offer a comfortable experience from start to finish. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to finding the right tent, so we hope our list of top 7 products has helped you narrow down your options!

Have any questions about what might suit you best? Let us know in the comments section below or send an email over.

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