Best Ring Lights with Stand Tripod

A ring light with a stand tripod is a great purchase because you will be able to use it right out of the box. All you need to do is unfold the tripod stand, set your phone in the ring light, and start taking some amazing photos and videos. This ring light is suitable for photography and live streaming enthusiasts. In these consumer reports, we have reviewed the best brands for a sweat-free buying experience.

1.WONEW 12” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

WONEW Ring Light for Selfie has up to 162 light bulbs that promote higher brightness. The ring light also comes with a free bonus carry bag that makes it easy to organize your stuff as well as to carry them from one place to another. Furthermore, this ring light is covered by a 2-year replacement service for peace of mind.

Key Features
  • 10 brightness adjustment design gives you many options
  • Tripod stand is up to 66 inches tall
  • Phone clip in the middle of the ring safely grips phones
  • Phone holder rotates and extends up to 3.6 inches wide

2.PEHESHE 10” Ring Selfie LED Light

PEHESHE Ring Selfie LED Light comes with a tripod stand that is extremely easy to install. The tripod stand only takes 25 seconds to install, and it has an adjustable height from 17.5 inches to 61.5 inches. Most tripod stands can be adjusted up to 50 inches. Therefore, the fact that this particular one exceeds the 50-inch mark means it is good. The selfie light is made of ABS, which is sturdy for long-term use.

Key Features
  • 3 light modes include warm yellow, warm white, and cool white
  • Each mode boasts up to 10 brightness levels
  • Dimming range is from 1-percent to 100-percent
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 – 6 hours

3.Neewer 18”/48cm Ring Light Kit, Model: 10088612

Neewer Ring Light Kit includes a carrying bag, which comes in handy for carrying a camera; a light stand to help you take better pictures, and a dimmable LED ring light to improve picture quality. The kit also comes with instructions to help you unfold the stand. Other accessories that come with this kit are a smartphone holder, a universal power adapter, a ball head hot shoe adapter, and a white & orange color filter set.

Key Features
  • Hot shoe adapter is compatible with most DSLR cameras
  • Smartphone holder is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, Huawei, iPhone 8/8 Plus/6/7, etc
  • Light stand is made of aluminum alloy
  • Soft tube allows the light to rotate freely

4.IVISII Ring Light with Wireless Remote Controller

IVISII Ring Light boasts high brightness, eye protection LED lamp beads, and low consumption. It delivers an unrivaled shooting experience, and this makes it perfect for wedding shooting, pictorial shooting, still lift shooting, and network broadcast, among others. Lots of accessories come with this ring light. They include a white filter, a light stand, a screwdriver, Bluetooth remote, a wireless remote controller, a phone holder, and more.

Key Features
  • Color temperature ranges from a 3000K Warm to 5800K White
  • LCD display shows the readings of color temperature and brightness level
  • Brightness is adjustable from 1-percent to 100-percent
  • Built-in 2.4GHz wireless system improves convenience

5.TaoTronics Selfie Ring Light, 12” with 3 Color Modes

TaoTronics 12-Inch Ring Light is very easy to use. For instance, if you want to adjust the brightness, simply long press the button. And if you want to select from the 10 brightness levels, short press the button. The light stand is highly customizable to meet all your lighting needs. It is perfect for tiktok, photography, makeup, vlogs, YouTube, and LiveStream. It comes with 2 phone holders that firmly hold phones in the perfect place.

Key Features
  • Tripod is made of superior aluminum alloy
  • Color modes include cool white, warm yellow, and warm white
  • Tripod is extendable from 16 – 62 inches
  • Tripod head is rotatable 360 degrees

6.UBeesize 10” Selfie Ring Light for YouTube Video

UBeesize Ring Light is large enough to let you place your phone in the middle of the ring so you can make the most of the light. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control that eliminates the need to touch your phone once it is in the middle of the ring. It also comes with a 3-year replacement service, which shows that the manufacturer believes in its quality.

Key Features
  • 3-way pan head features a convenient handle
  • Adjustable tripod is extendable from 15 inches – 50 inches
  • 3 light colors include Daylight, Cool White, and Warm
  • Each color features 11 brightness levels

7.LIPETY 12.6 inch Ring Light with Tripod and Desk Stand

The outer diameter of this ring light is 12.6 inches and the inner diameter is 9.8 inches. The ring light also has up to 168 pieces of advanced LED lamp beads. Needless to say, expect optimum brightness when you have this ring light. It does not consume a lot of power plus it is safe and reliable. It can use power from the computer or laptop.

Key Features
  • 3 lighting colors include warm yellow, warm white, and white
  • Each mode has 10 adjustable brightness levels
  • Dimming range is from 1-percent to 100-percent
  • 360-degree rotatable ball head makes it easy to adjust the angle of the camera, phone, etc

8.Fauna 10” Ring Light with Stand

Fauna 10-Inch Ring Light will help you get professional videos and photos every time. It comes with 2 different tripod stands, with the big one being extendable from 17 inches – 44 inches. It is also tall enough to stand on the ground. The small tripod stand, on the other hand, is perfect for use on a tabletop. The ring light is USB powered, and this means you will not need batteries to get it to work.

Key Features
  • Universal phone holder is extendable from 2.6 inches to 3.5 inches
  • Dimming range is from 1 – 10 brightness levels
  • 3 normal color modes and 7 RGB colors
  • Suitable for video creators, live streaming, party, birthdays, etc

9.TECELKS 12” LED Ring Light with Stand Adjustable

The 162 light beads of the TECELKS 12” Ring Light eliminate any bad and unwanted shadows that may ruin your videos or pictures. They provide brighter and more even light; making sure you are more than content with the results. What’s more, this ring light comes with a PC portable bag, a PC replacement battery, a PC BT remote shutter, a PC flexible phone holder, among others.

Key Features
  • 3 colors include cold, warm white, and warm
  • Each color has 10 levels of brightness
  • Color temperature is from 3000K – 6500K
  • Tripod is made of reinforced aluminum and features a lower center of gravity

10.MIROCOO Selfie Ring Light, with Remote

MIROCOO Ring Light has 3 color lighting modes, which are White Light, Nature Light, and Warm Light. Each of these modes features 11 brightness levels to make sure all your lighting needs are easily met. If you are a live stream enthusiast or a photography enthusiast, this ring light with adjustable tripod and remote is for you. The manufacturer fully stands behind it to make sure you have the best user experience ever.

Key Features
  • Does not consume a lot of power
  • 4 buttons on cords to switch the lighting modes, power on/off, etc
  • Phone holder is spring-loaded
  • Multi-angle adjustable design makes it easy to find the best shooting effect

Guide to Choosing the Best Ring Light with Tripod Stand

This simple guide provides you with tips to have at your fingertips when buying a ring light for selfie, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Color Modes

Most ring lights have up to 3 color modes, which normally are Warm Yellow, Cool White, and Warm White. These color modes, in turn, feature adjustable brightness levels to make sure all your lighting needs are met. The many brightness levels and color modes make a ring light versatile.

The Size of the Ring

Larger light rings are likely to have more light beads. And more light beads simply translate to more lighting. Nonetheless, larger light rings are less portable than smaller ring lights. This means if you plan to use your ring light a lot on the go, you should get something smaller. The size of your phone should be put into consideration as well when buying a large or small ring light.

Tripod Stand

The tripod stand of the ring light you plan to buy should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It should also be lightweight so you can easily travel with your ring light. Plus it should be adjustable for convenience. At maximum height, the tripod stand should be tall enough to be set up and used on the ground.


Ring lights with stand tripod are ideal for countless activities. You can use them for vlogging, YouTube, tiktok, selfies, and even meetings/interviews. Ring lights are also perfect for makeup. If the numerous brands on the market were making it hard for you to get a suitable one, we hope the above reviews have helped you.

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