Top 10 Best Socks For Martial Arts Reviews

When practicing military arts, it’s necessary to wear good protective equipment and leave nothing to chance. Grappling socks may seem a trivial thing but throughout their work out, people have experienced mat cuts and burns. You clearly want to prevent any harm and perform at your best; lace socks may radically enhance your performance by giving you a strong grasp or good grip.

A few of the attributes that you want to keep in mind are a great match with minimal excess, powerful grip on the mats, anti-sweat properties, and a sturdy material with nominal ripping and tearing. Your choice comes down to what you need from your equipment, some ideal grappling socks that have these qualities are given below.

Buying Guide 

Grappling socks are an excellent way to keep training, even if you’ve got an injury in your feet. They’re particularly great for any injuries on the lower toes, but they’re also good at preventing mat burn. We go through a number of those choices that you should think about when buying grappling socks.

Grappling socks could be made with various materials, but the most frequent material you will discover is neoprene. Neoprene is hardwearing material, which can be great at wicking away moisture. But a number of people have stated they locate neoprene can create their feet too hot and also too tight, which explains why there are additional elastic fabrics.

To withstand the intensity of routine grappling sessions, it is very important to your grappling socks to be well constructed. It is not uncommon for overlay or dual locks stitching to be utilized in the structure since they would be the most lasting when it comes to intense sports.


Witch grappling socks, you’ve got two choices when it comes to feet, individual feet, or the more conventional sock design. Both have their own advantages, individual feet allow each toe to move independently, which means the motion is not restricted. Another conventional sock design means grapplers do not need to worry about extra cloth and are a lot easier to get off and on.

Neoprene and elastic are not as grippy as bare toes, which is while you will frequently find grappling socks have some rubber gripping pads in the base of the socks. Be cautious about a lot of traction, however, as this may limit your movement.


Unlike normal shoe and sock sizes, grappling socks are from the more conventional small to big dimensions, therefore it is a fantastic idea to inspect the correct sizing before you purchase.

The group of socks on this listing can all provide the wearer with what they need out of a grappling sock: a great match with minimal excess, powerful grip on the mats, anti-sweat properties plus a sturdy cloth with minimal ripping and tearing. In a lot of ways, the differences between the socks are similar to the differences between various kinds of shoes. It depends upon the person wearing them and what they’re expecting from the shoe.

List of 10 Best Socks For Martial Arts

1. Rymora Non Slip Grip Socks for Women and Men (2 Pairs) – Perfect for Hospital, Yoga, Trampoline, Barre & Home

Fantastic For A Wide Range Of Uses: Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Dance, Martial Arts, Trampoline, Fitness, Hospital, Rehab, Home & Body Balance. Note: Not acceptable for swollen feet/ankles.

Eventually, Socks Which Have All The Characteristics Your Feet Desire: Cushioned soles for comfort. Ventilation arch bands to keep your arch encouraged and feet cool. Seamless toe seams for additional coziness.

Soft And Superior Quality: High cotton contents of 80% provide your feet with this luxury soft feel with strength and stretch supplied by polyamide (12%) and elastane (3 percent ) and traction given by PVC (5 percent ).

2. Base 33 Low Rise Grip Socks for Pilates, yoga, martial arts, lifting and barre

Base 33: Locate your foundation in Base 33 performance grip socks using non-slip hex grip soles. These socks will be the perfect match for staying busy in yoga, Pilates, lifting, and martial arts.

Layout: This athletic sock will keep you comfortable throughout your whole workout class with its supportive compression arch group. Stay dry and cool at the studio or gym with the vented sides and top.

Grip: The exceptional hex grip soles enable you to perform your best and build strength through yoga, martial arts and dance courses. Concentrate on your practice with these grip low rise socks on the floor or mat.

3. Muezna Men’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks, Anti-Skid Pilates, Barre, Bikram Fitness Hospital Slipper Socks with Grips

Newest Design: Stylish design on the instep and anti-skid frictions at the bottom, providing an absolutely effective anti-skid impact, perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Bikram, Ballet, Fitness, etc..

Better Material: The Combed Cotton and 100 percent Silica Grips have a greater effect in perspiration absorption and supplying absolutely anti-skid, non-slip surface of the sock bottom.

Shield Anyone from Nasty Falls: These Anti-skid socks are also ideal for pregnant women, hospital patients, the aged folks, etc..

4. New Item Sanabul Foot Grips for MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Yoga

The Cleanest Choice: Socks on the mat may look cleaner, maybe just as dirty as bare feet and frequently carry the same odor. Sanabul foot grips are made from a material that will not collect as much dirt and is more resistant to sweat

Tested By Pro’s, Created For You: The best names in the game rep Sanabul, for example, legendary coach John Danaher. They put our layouts through the wringer, so you can trust what you are wearing has the same grit as you

A Better Grip On The Mat: Nothing is worse than slipping during instruction. Non-slip foot grips make sure whether you’re turning on your heel for kicks, or sprawling to defend takedowns, you won’t lose your footing

5. FitSox Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Ballet, Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts, Gym, Workout, Anti Slip, Non Slip, Grip, Skid, Fall Prevention, Hospital. Socks, Sox, Fit Products.

These ankle socks are composed of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane permitting for breathability and efficient grip to the foot. The underside of the socks is produced with rubber dots to give grip to the ground surface. The socks are available in a choice of colours and the size fitting is approx US 8-10 / / UK 5-9 / / EU 38-44. Brand New & Sealed

6. Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga Socks – Base 33 Men’s Crew Grip Socks 2 Pack

BASE 33: Locate your foundation in Base 33 functionality grip socks with non-slip hex grip soles. These socks will be the perfect match for staying busy in yoga, Pilates, lifting, and martial arts.

DESIGN: This athletic sock is going to keep you comfortable throughout your whole workout course with its supportive compression arch band. Stay dry and cool at the studio or gym with the vented sides and top.

GRIP: The unique hex grip soles enable you to perform your best and build strength through yoga, martial arts and dancing courses. Focus on your training with these grip classic crew length socks on the mat or floor.

7. RDX MMA Socks with Grip for Boxing Yoga, Non Slip Ankle Support Anti-Skid Pilates Barre Workout

The RDX non-slip MMA Socks possess an exceptional patent Pending design particularly for providing greater flexibility and strength and extend gripping the flooring. Anatomical arch support design allows the foot to perform naturally for the independent motion of the foot.

Achilles and forefoot arrangement that incorporates high-density compression, Spandex monofilament coalesced elastane yarn Lycra for improved fit and pulls away sweat to keep you cool during battle. There aren’t any bumps to feel throughout the cloth.

8. ECO-FUSED Women’s Water Socks or Shoes with Elastic, Quick Dry, Breathable Fabric and Non-Slip Rubber Sole

Extra Comfort & Protection: Protect your feet against sand, cold or warm water, UV rays, rocks, pebbles, shells, and more. We provide water socks that will provide comfort and protection on your chosen activity. Your day at the beach or pool will be extra agreeable once you’re wearing one of those.

Multi-Purpose: The non-slip sole and breathable cloth create our water socks the perfect footwear. The water socks are great for low impact activities such as water aerobics and swimming.

9. 2,4,or 6 pairs of Black Non-slip Socks ABS, Sports: Yoga, Pilates, all sizes

Certified Security – The clasp dots which we use to create our socks are the BEST existing SAFETY SYSTEM to your toes available on the marketplace. The Italian silicone ABS situated on the base of the sock has received Oeko Tex Standard 100, GOTS (International Organic Textile Standard). To be able to get such an important certificate, the substance went through several tests which confirmed the high quality and security of the socks, unlike the hardening low-quality rubber grip dots from Asia.

Wide Program – Non-slip Rainbow Socks are ideal both throughout yoga, Pilates, or fitness courses and through dance classes, martial arts, and other types of exercises. Owing to their grip, you won’t risk slipping on the floor and losing balance during exercises. They are also extremely comfortable for walking around the home. Owing to the cotton cloth with nets, the socks are watertight and ensure no compression.

10. TOEZ – Now Available – Toeless Grip Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Martial Arts and Fitness Socks for Women & Men.

Our innovative nonslip Toez Socks are motivated by active lifestyles and are created with 80% Cotton/20% Elastic Fiber, soft, breathable, not to thick and not to thin…just perfect! They supply ultimate comfort with less mass and more of a barefoot feel. Toez is Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Ballet, Barre, Tumbling, Martial Arts & so much more. Toez low rise design hugs your foot under the ankle and offers additional comfort and security.


If it comes to wearing grappling socks, most combat athletes still have quite a ways to go. This is only down to habit though, since individuals who get the feel for them will not ever look back. The best grappling socks Reviews are an excellent way to make certain you receive a high-quality product that’ll only help you on the mats. Grab a pair of socks and supply your toes with every advantage they can get, particularly in terms of hygiene and health.

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