Top 7 Best Commercial Induction Cooktop Reviews

commercial induction cooktop is a kitchen appliance used to prepare food by heating it on an electrically heated plate. It is more efficient than gas stoves because the heat source comes from coils beneath the cooking surface, not the combustion of fuel. The best commercial induction cooktop will have features that allow for precise control of temperature, are easy to clean, and are safe for use in any environment including restaurants, cafes, or homes.

Commercial induction cooktops are typically made of stainless steel but can also come with granite countertops if desired. They often come with multiple pans which ensures even heating of ingredients, as well as quick clean up time after meal preparation, is completed. There are many brands available on the market today so you might want to do some research before making your final decision.

List of 7 Best Commercial Induction Cooktops Reviewed

1. Mai Cook 5000 Watt Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop Burner

The Mai Cook 5000 Watt Countertop Commercial Induction Cooktop Burner is powerful and efficient with an energy-saving design. With a push-button control panel and digital display, the Mai cook delivers consistent cooking results in even heating zones. The timer, temperature setting range of 140 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit, auto shut-off function, Max load bearing capacity of 80kg (180lbs), and stainless steel body are just some of its features that make it essential for any commercial or home kitchen at your restaurant or residence.

Expert tips: When using this induction cooktop appliance device to achieve just the right culinary finish on your dishes keep these safety precautions in mind: never leave it unattended when hot containing liquid is being heated; always have a fire extinguisher nearby when cooking with this machine; when finished cooking, turn the unit off and allow to cool before cleaning.

Highlight Features

  • Digital LCD display
  • Temperature control ranges from 140 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum load capacity of 80kg (180lbs)
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Stainless steel body with touchpad controls. Induction hobs are quickly becoming a preferred cooking surface for high-end restaurants and home cooks.

2. Duxtop Commercial Range Countertop Burner

The Duxtop Commercial Range Countertop Burner is a professional induction cooker that provides quick heat-up and faster cooking times. The countertop burner operates with an 83% energy efficiency rating, making it more efficient than traditional gas or electric stoves, and provides you the freedom to bring your stove out on the landscape and cook outdoors for family events like barbeques.

The power ranges from 100W to 1800W and offers 20 preset temperature levels at 100°F to 460°F, giving you control over not only what type of meat but how well done you want it as well as options such as searing or simmering foods. It has been built by North American electrical standards using 120V 15 amp outlets–standard in all homes, RV’s, and in outdoor locations. When not in use you can either turn it off or leave it on the “Keep Warm” setting to provide a small amount of heat.

The Duxtop Commercial Range Countertop Burner is a great addition to any kitchen and can be used for either commercial or residential use. The sensor panel is sensitive and easy to operate, while the angle control panel features a large LCD that makes it simple to view even from a distance.

With stainless steel construction for durability and reliability, this product also includes a 7-blade fan and back tuyere for fast heat dissipation–keeping food cooking without burning on the glass cooktop so, instead of scrubbing away at burned remains, all you have to do is wipe with a damp towel.

For home or for business, this countertop burner offers you exceptional power and an even cooking surface to meet the needs of any kitchen.

Highlight Features

  • Powerful 1800W heating element provides fast heat dissipation
  • 20 preset temperature levels at 100°F to 460°F with the option of searing or simmering foods
  • Includes a 7-blade fan and back tuyere for faster heat dissipation
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and reliability
  • The angled control panel makes it easy to scrub away at burned-on food

3. ChangBERT Commercial Induction Cooktop 1800W NSF Certified

ChangBERT Commercial Induction Cooktop 1800W NSF Certified is heavy-duty, stainless steel cookware with power of up to 1800 watts. It’s even safe for pans so long as the bottom surface is induction-ready like enameled iron, stainless steel or cast iron.

With a 150-minute timer and a variety of compatible pans, you’ll have your eggs cooked just right or roast nice and rare during the fraction of the time it takes on a gas stovetop.

Don’t forget all those pots waiting for water–the induction cooktop will heat up so fast that by the time you’ve microwaved dinner in between stirring sauce, they’ll be at boiling point!

ChangBERT’s professional heat distribution makes it perfect for any cooking need – fast or slow? There’s a curing option that goes from 300 to 1800 watts depending on what you’re looking to do with your meal.

Safety is important too, which is why this product has received not only the current National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification but also ETL and FCC certifications as well!

Highlight Features

  • Commercial induction cooktop, 1800W.
  • Multi-level temperature control adjustable to specific cooking needs.
  • Safe for all pans that are induction ready; even safe for enameled iron, stainless steel, or cast iron pans.
  • 150-minute timer with automatic shut-off safety function.
  • 3 LeveL heat distribution that offers a curing option from 300 to 1800 watts.
  • Compatible with all types of induction-ready pans including stainless steel, cast iron, and enameled iron.

4. True Induction 240v 3200 Watt Commercial Single Induction Cooktop

Cook to perfection with the True Induction 240v 3200 watts Commercial Single induction Cooktop. This single unit provides all that you need for cooking at your establishment, from expertly crafted French fries to hearty pasta dishes. The auto-off safety feature is convenient for worry-free ownership, and the timers allow you to set just how long it will be before an order is finished being cooked so that no one misses out on the best-tasting meal they’ve ever had.

Quick touch level selection allows fast changes in your cooking process without having to bother with complex settings which are already carefully calculated by engineers, technicians, and chefs alike for optimum results each time. A stainless steel body means fewer contaminants leach into your food if someone accidentally spills water or other liquids onto

The True Induction 240v 3200 Watt Commercial Single Induction Cook Top is perfect for kitchens with limited counter space. With adjustable legs and included bolt holes, this unit can be securely fastened to the wall allowing the cook top to take up less of your precious kitchen real estate. The pot-sensing technology will automatically deactivate (cycle on and off) once it reaches the desired temperature only, preventing that pan from overheating & burning. The professional sleek design maintains functionality while still giving you ample cooking space. This single induction stovetop features high heat capability which allows hot water to boil in a minute or less!

Highlight Features

  • Heavy Duty commercial induction cooktop for use in establishments with high-volume dishes being served.
  • Single electric induction stove top used anywhere there is a standard household outlet or power source.
  • Electronic control & display system with level touch switch.
  • Maximum power engaging standby mode, saving up to 40% on energy fees over traditional stoves.
  • Soft-touch auto-off indicator light with timer capability for increased safety & convenience.
  • Solid Stainless steel with an aluminum base for heat conduction with encapsulated coils to prevent contact with moisture for less corrosion.

5. LKZAIY 3500W / 220v Commercial Induction Cooktop

LKZAIY 3500W / 220v Commercial Induction Cooktop is a kitchen staple for any restaurant looking to step up their cooking game. LKZAIY’s patented technology makes the induction cooktop both natural and intuitive, while its lightweight, durable design guarantees that this cooktop will be with you from setup all the way through the operation.

With a maximum temperature of 464 degrees Fahrenheit and an additional shut-off function built in, there’s no shortage of amazing features this induction cooktop can offer you. The coils are made out of quality copper which makes for a durable product with excellent heat retention properties.

What more could you ask from an induction cooktop? With no bulky coils or screws at all on the surface of the cooker, it easily achieves cleanliness in between tasks without getting clogged with grime. If somebody spills water during your busy hours of service- don’t worry -the water proof control panel protects against excess moisture thanks to its double-sealed construction.

Put out dishes like a pro- the LKZAIY 3500W / 220v Commercial Induction Cooktop gives you just enough power to get the job done, while its 3500-watt heating element leaves no cold spots in your food.

Highlight Features

  • Induction cooktop with patented technology and powerful 3500-watt heat element.
  • No heat transfer through the cooker means no burns – even while holding food in your hands!
  • Coils are made out of quality copper for efficient heat retention.
  • Easy to set up, easy to clean, and built for durability and longevity.

6. Waring Commercial WIH800 Heavy Duty Double Step Design Induction Range

The Waring Industrial Demonstration Range is a durable, stainless steel range that has large 11″ x 11″ ceramic glass cooking surfaces. Constant temperature control allows users to adjust from 120˚F to 500˚F with ease, and the high-powered heating element reduces cook time significantly. Stir fry, reduce sauces, melt chocolate, or just keep dinner warm—the possibilities are endless!

The range features an easy-touch design for effortless one-touch operation and offers two independently controlled burners with 10-hour countdown timer capability: perfect for small kitchens like yours!

Cleanup is simplified thanks to the boiled water detection and auto shutoff function which notifies you when water comes near boiling; this means there’ll be no scorched valves or burnt pans.

Highlight Features

  • Durable, stainless steel.
  • 11″ x 11″ glass surface for easy cleaning and superior performance.
  • 2 independently controlled burners with 10-hour countdown timer capability.
  • A high-powered heating element reduces cook time.
  • Constant temperature control: 120˚F to 500˚F / 50˚C to 260 ˚C.
  • Boiled water detection and auto-shutoff function / 10-hour countdown timer.

7. ECOTOUCH Professional/Commercial Induction Cooktop

A must-have for any restaurant or commercial kitchen, the ECOTOUCH Professional/Commercial Induction Cooktop is the best option. It features a 3500W powerful output and an induction coil that produces heat directly on cookware to achieve a variety of cuisines. This cooker also runs on 13 preset power levels which you can toggle through with one switch at your disposal.

You’ll find this product indispensable given its long-lasting stability and quality, with a convenient LCD screen that displays all your necessary information. With safety in mind, the ECOTOUCH Professional/Commercial Induction Cooktop has a short preheat time and the appliance only heats up when cookware is placed on it. It also features a child lock to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Designed to offer consistent performance with industry-leading cooking power, it’s designed for the highest levels of performance and safety. The induction cooktop can be used on all types of surfaces such as copper, stainless steel, glass, or granite like your existing stovetop with up to 10 different temperature zones controlled by touchpad technology – perfect for any level of chef.

Highlight Features

  • Industry-leading cooking power: 3500 W
  • Temperature zone control with up to 10 different temperature zones controlled by touchpad technology.
  • Perfect for any level of chef from beginner to professional cook.
  • Uses 13 preset power levels which you can toggle through with one switch at your disposal.
  • The portable and lightweight design makes the appliance ideal for placement in any type of kitchen, restaurant, or bar.

What To Look For in A Commercial Induction Cooktop?

There are many different things to look for in a commercial induction cooktop, one of the most important being the wattage. Traditionally, restaurant kitchens have used electric ranges because gas is not allowed indoors with open flames. However, electric ranges are expensive and do not heat evenly. This is where the new commercial induction cooktop comes in. It allows chefs to use the speed and efficiency of induction cooking without having to worry about exhaust hoods or even outdoor kitchen equipment taking up space.

Induction cooking works by heating magnetic-derived metal pans only, allowing for faster, more controlled cooking with reduced energy usage. The surface is also able to hold an even higher heat for longer periods of time, allowing chefs to cook food more quickly without overcooking. There are also specific induction cooktops and burners that allow the unit to be used as a drop-in range instead of just a cooktop.

There is one caveat with commercial induction cooking: the power supply that the unit will use. Most standard household outlets in the United States provide 120 volts, while commercial kitchens need 240 volts for heating elements. This means that if one’s commercial kitchen is not wired with 240 volts, then an additional power source will be needed to plug into in order to use the cooktop. It may also mean that larger cuts of meat require different cooking methods because not all modulates will be able to reach the same temperature.

Commercial Induction Cooktop FAQs

What is the difference between a commercial induction cooktop vs. a commercial induction range?

The difference between a commercial induction cooktop and a range is that one is only a cooking surface, while the other has an oven attached to it as well. Some restaurant kitchens may not have enough space for multiple pieces of equipment, so having just an induction cooktop may be beneficial in that regard. However, others find it easier to just buy induction ranges with built-in ovens instead. It all depends on what kitchen appliances the business already owns and what kind of convenience they would like to provide their customers with when choosing either option.

How much electricity does an industrial induction cooker use?

The amount of electricity it uses depends on wattage and how long one plans on cooking for. In general, though, it is more energy efficient than traditional gas stoves for commercial use.

What is the difference between single and dual-zone commercial induction cooktops?

A dual-zone commercial induction cooktop is similar to a traditional stove where it has 2 cooking zones: one for smaller dishes while the other zone heats larger pans or pots. The main advantage of using this type of unit over a two-burner size is that only 1 unit requires electrical power, along with an extra dedicated circuit breaker box in order to operate properly.

As for the single-zone version, you are able to adjust or switch off either zone separately, depending on what you are cooking.


The best commercial induction cooktop should be made from durable materials and have a large surface area. It is important to find one that has advanced features like automatic time and power settings, as well as multiple cooking zones for preparing different dishes simultaneously. We hope this article helps you make the right choice when it comes to finding an industrial-grade cooker top!

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