Top 7 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust

If you work with dough on a regular basis, you’ve probably considered resting your hands. That is a fantastic suggestion!

Any culinary task has gotten easier than before thanks to important gadgets like food processors.

For most individuals, today, making the dough by hand is not only tedious and uninteresting. Making the perfect pie crust is much easier and faster with the help of best food processors than kneading by hand or with an electric mixer, cutting the job’s time to only seconds.

List Of 7 Best  Food Processor For Pie Crust Reviews

1. Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, includes 7 Attachment Blades + Chopper and Citrus Juicer

If you’re seeking for a food processor that’s both versatile and effective, this model is sure to pique your interest. It includes a number of capabilities that go beyond the basic mixing and blending functions; it also refines your components efficiently and evenly each time you use it.

This food processor with dough blade includes a 600-watt induction motor with a maximum power output of 9000-watts. Even when there are vast amounts of food, such as pastry dough, the unit remains quiet.

When it comes to choosing the best food processor with a dough blade, the capacity is the most significant consideration. If you’re a busy cook who spends a lot of time slicing and cutting fruits and veggies or combining them together, The process can be made easier with this strong 600-watt motor. Kneading dough is a difficult chore, but owing to this processor’s powerful power system, it can reach 990 watts. As a result, creating bread dough is a breeze.

2. Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor

This food processor with dough blade made by the trusted brand, Cuisinart, offers numerous outstanding features. It not only boasts a nice appearance but also comes with bells and whistles. You’re sure to be amazed at what it has to offer.

With a power output of up to 1000 watts, this unit can effortlessly deal with almost any type of food. It also excels at baking, which is great news to those who love homemade baked goods. Plus, this food processor with a dough blade is a champ when it comes to kneading pastry dough. We love the high-quality dough coming out of this appliance.

Cuisinart is reliable for making household gadgets of high quality. Obviously, this FP-12DCN is no exception. This food processor with a dough blade comes with a 12-cup capacity, which is spacious enough to meet any cooking needs. With this processor, making any foods or drinks that are packed with loads of energy feels more like a breeze. Thanks to its compact footprint, you have more space to prepare large batches of food.

3. KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System and Dicing Kit

This food processor, which comes with a dough blade, gives you a great deal of versatility. The set includes a 14-cup bowl for large food items like potatoes or carrots, as well as an 8-cup bowl for smaller things. To meet your requirements, you can swap between the sizes. You’ll also appreciate the 2-in-1 feed tube, which allows you to place your components according to their size.

This food processor, which comes with a dough blade, can handle large or little amounts of food. When you need to chop up water-rich ingredients without overloading the food, the pulse button comes in handy. When you consider the price, this machine is a great deal and may be the most efficient food processor with a dough blade.

4. Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor and Dicing Kit

Cuisinart, a well-known kitchen company is known for its dependability, created an amazing processor. The Elemental is a very efficient and adaptable weapon. It has a 500-watt motor, interchangeable 13-cup and 4.5-cup working bowls, a shredder that can be reversed, a dough knife, a dicing disk, and a stainless-steel chop blade, and a dough knife, dicing disk, and stainless-steel chop blade. Whatever you’re creating, whether it’s a large batch of coleslaw or a few greens for a garnish, the machine is up to the task.

Customers on Amazon have given the powerful item a 4.6-star rating, with reviews praising the device’s strength and dependability. “As a cook, convenience is critical when it comes to the appliances you use at home. This is a delight, with a larger work bowl and a dicing blade. I no longer need to hire a chef to make my meals because this machine can handle everything.”

The apparatus is around 20 pounds and measures 21.75 inches long, 11.25 inches wide, and 17.5 inches tall. Some users have remarked that the machine’s small weight causes it to wobble when handling big volumes, while others have noted that it is also easy to store when not in use. In addition, the Cuisinart appliance is covered by a three-year guarantee for added security.

5. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel


Take a look at Breville’s Chef 16 Professional if you’re searching for professional-grade equipment. The 1,200-watt engine crushes even the toughest fruits and vegetables into silky purees, and the micro-serrated S blade cuts and combines a variety of components, including dough, swiftly. This processor has 24 thickness options for slicing food, ranging from fine 0.3 millimeter cuts to thick 8.0 millimeter cuts. It guarantees that every cut is exact. It also has a number of safety features, including non-slip feet and overload prevention.

The processor has a brilliant 4.7-star rating with over 2500 reviews, indicating its popularity. A reviewer commented, “I was a professional in the world of food for more than 40 years, so I’m a pro in food preparation.” “But it’s a Breville!” says the narrator. The thought process that went into the design of the food processor is what I admire the most… the grating knife is two-dimensional… the other cutting blade is adjustable in thickness. That is a fantastic feature.

Its Breville Chef 16 Pro food processor costs twice as much as the bulk of food processors. It’s a pricey investment that’s best suited for home cooks who plan to use their equipment on a daily basis or cook frequently to serve large families. However, according to the reviews, there isn’t a model that performs better.

6. KitchenAid KFCB519VB Cordless 5 Cup Food Chopper

In 2012, KitchenAid debuted a number of cordless kitchen gadgets, including this 5-cup food processor, which we were really happy to see. This device can cut up to 40 onions with a single charge of its lithium-Ion battery. It comes with whisk attachments for whipping egg whites, cream, and a variety of other things. The cordless chopper, which includes an indicator that signals when the battery is low, takes about 2 hours to recharge in total.

7. KitchenAid KFP0718BM Food Processor, 7 cup, Matte Black

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, who can deny that this 7-cup traditional processor is stunning? This processor, which is part of KitchenAid’s matte black range, not only chops and slices, but also has an easy-to-clean appearance with the push of a button and a simple non-twisting bowl structure. Its covered work basin is impermeable, preventing accidents on surfaces, and its 2-in-1 feed tube can easily handle items like cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.

The one, like the other high-end KitchenAid kitchen appliances, is a fan favorite. Its stylish and streamlined design, as well as its vast selection of blades, have been praised. One person wrote, “I adore this KitchenAid company.” “Always solid and dependable. I was overjoyed to find this processor because I have limited counter space and it is very compact in size. Some stick out and carry a lot of weight.”

How To Choose Best Food Processor For Pie Crust

As previously stated, there are a number of factors to be aware of before selecting a food processor to produce pie crust. We’ll look at the most significant aspects of them in this piece and explain why they’re vital.

Pulse Control

If you want to make pie crusts with a food processor, make sure it has a pulse control mechanism. Pulsing the ingredients, as previously stated, makes things easier and allows you to control the process more precisely.

This will keep you from over-mixing while also allowing you to shred the gluten fibers.


If you are looking to use a food processor to create pie crusts, you must ensure you have a pulse control system onboard. Like we said, pulsing the ingredients makes it much simpler and you can manage the process with precision.

This will help you keep from over-mixing as well as shredding off the gluten fibers.


It’s critical to match the size of your food processor to the number of people for whom you’ll be preparing meals. In general, the capacity required to create pie crusts is insufficient.

It’s vital to remember that a 3-cup food processor is enough to make two or three pies. However, the higher the capacity, the more pie crust you’ll need.


Blades are an essential component of any food processor, especially when kneading dough. To ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, buy an appliance with many blade attachments.

When kneading any dough, we strongly recommend using a plastic blade.


We looked at the best food processors for making pie crust in this article. We’ve already established that kneading bread by hand is a time-consuming operation, and the invention of food processors has solved this problem.

We’d like to remind you that, for a smoother and easier processing operation, you should grind the ingredients rather than make them continuously.

So, if you’re looking for a food processor that can make a fantastic pie crust, seek one that has a built-in pulse control. When preparing the dough, everyone should be mindful of capacity, power, and other characteristics.

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