Top 9 Best Offset Smoker

Barbecue may be a memorable experience for a large group of people. It’s also an excellent way to save time while cooking and produce luscious meat with a distinct flavor. The greatest offset smokers include all of the components necessary to create the ideal barbeque for you.

There are many different varieties of offset smokers on the market, each with its own design and size, as well as materials and innovative functions. As a result, determining which one is best suited to your specific needs is difficult.

I hope that you will be able to look at the greatest devices, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, in this article. These reviews will help you limit down your options so you can choose the best products available.

List Of 9 Best Offset Smoker Reviews

1. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe offset smokers are akin to the Webers of the smoking world. The Oklahoma Joe’s collection is unsurpassed when it comes to backyard smoking or even semi-professional smoking because it offers a superb combination of high-quality, features, and pricing. It’s only natural that the all-rounder from them is our most prolific stick smoker of all time. Joe’s Highland in Oklahoma.

This type, which is made of high-temperature steel, has a large cooking rack space of 619 square inches within its main compartment. While this is more than enough to cook a whole brisket or sausage butt, it isn’t enough to make cooking tough.

Temperature control is straightforward thanks to a range of high-quality dampers that are both easy to adjust and sturdy enough to maintain the temperature in all weather situations.

It’s the state of Oklahoma. Joe’s Highland Smoker includes all of the essential elements to make grilling a breeze. A removable shelf with cool-touch handles for storing your cooking items in an order, an incorporated thermometer, and a strong cart with wheels so you can move it around independently.

The offset firebox will be able to locate an additional 281 square inches for charcoal grilling. If you need more space, go for Highland’s bigger sister, the Longhorn, which offers 1.060 square inches of cooking space instead of 902 square inches.

The Highland has a reputation for releasing a lot of smoke. However, in our experience, it is not a problem that requires attention. However, a few simple and inexpensive tweaks can help!

2. Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill


Vertical offsets are the ideal alternative if you have a tiny space but need to cook a large number of food. In this category, Dyna-Signature Glo’s Series Heavy-Duty Vertical Smoker and Grill is our top pick.

Despite the inexpensive price, This model’s structure is pretty solid. It’s built of tough steel. It isn’t as tough as a professional-grade model, but it is strong enough to withstand the heat of high temperatures and has a considerable capacity.

The DGSS1382VCS D will provide you with a large amount of data. It has five tracks that can be removed. There are 1.098 square feet of smoker area available. Sausage hooks that can be hung are included. In addition, there is a 284-square-inch cooking surface within the firebox.

The temperature management is straightforward, and the vertical design ensures that the temperature is maintained throughout. There will be some smoke that leaks through the joints and doors, as you’d anticipate at this price. To achieve a better seal, we recommend placing a LavaLack gasket on the doors.


3. Char-Broil 15202029 Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo

The Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker combo is a wonderful choice for people seeking a multi-purpose smoker that is multi-purpose. It comes with a charcoal chimney burner, a gas grilling chamber, and a firebox for smoking wood.

It is divided into three sections: the primary cooking surface, a gas grilling chamber, and a firebox with cooking grates. The two main chambers give 500 square inches of cooking space, and the firebox adds another 300 square inches.

With three burners capable of delivering up to 12,000 BTU. This chamber could be handy for a regular stove, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes on the same burner. You can also utilize a charcoal chimney starter with an additional capacity of 12,000 BTU.

There are also dampers in the cooking chamber to control heat and smoke, one of which is in the firebox.

The grates are made of cast iron and are porcelain-coated, resulting in less food residue and easier cleaning. The grates are separated into six sections, each of which is fitted into a chamber.

Thermometers are included in both compartment lids. As a result, you won’t need any thermometers with inserts. You can, however, utilize them to make more precise meat measurements.

This model features a contemporary design with a lower shelf that includes an organizer as well as space for gas tanks.

4. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

The Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker is the finest option for individuals looking for a space-saving, ultra-compact smoker. It’s a horizontal smoker with stacked grates inside the chamber, as the name implies. It boasts a large cooking area of 1176 square inches and a smoking area of 784 square inches.

The charcoal chamber has an enamel covering to ensure that the charcoal burns with the best efficiency possible.

Using the lid and handle, you can easily reach the six square steel grates. An integrated stainless steel thermometer with Smoke Zone is built into the lid and door.

It makes it logical to utilize a dependable ash collection method to clean up. Once the barbeque is over and the visitors have left, the removable ash pan may make your life much easier. There’s no need to do a lot of cleanups right away.

Because of its vertical construction, smoke and heat gradually reach the grates. This is why the smokey flavor is heightened by natural heating.

5. Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

The Royal Gourmet BBQ charcoal grill will be able to provide you with that spectacular outdoor barbeque experience while allowing you to prepare your meat with care. Traditional smoking processes were utilized by the firm. In comparison to other models, the overall cooking space is 782 square inches, which is sufficient. The cooking chamber is 438 square inches in size. The 5 pound size of the hopper means there will be plenty of room for charcoal. The entire weight of the charcoal grill, as well as the convenience with which it can be transported, might make one fall in love with it. It is one of the lightest on the market, weighing only 58.4 pounds. The two enormous 6-inch wheels make transporting the device much easier.

The fact that the cooker is light does not imply that the materials employed in its construction are of poor quality. Steel has been used in the building of many of the manufacturer’s cookers. The cookware grates were made out of 1/4″ thick porcelain steel. The warming rack is 171 inches long, ensuring that all of the cooker’s components are correctly balanced. This cooker’s designer uses cutting-edge technology to achieve a seamless connection between all components. This translates to cooking temperatures that are consistent and long-lasting. Because the lid has a groove design that has been used, side smokers operate flawlessly.

6. Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill with Sear Box


If you’re looking for the best offset smoker, you should look for one that can be used for a variety of purposes other than smoking. If you plan to prepare meals at varied temperatures, this model is a fantastic choice. It has the highest temperature rating of any of the devices we looked at. This makes it suitable for nearly any type of cooking, whether you want to cook your food on the grill or smoke it.

It’s also one of the most user-friendly smokes on the market. It runs on wood pellets, which are very easy to keep at a consistent temperature. However, because it features an automated auger to transport the pellets towards the cooking position, this model takes ease of use to a new level. This auger can help it become a more efficient smoker because all you have to do is set the temperature and let the smoker do the rest.

The model also includes an easy-to-use ash removal system that makes cleaning the huge capacity hopper a breeze. It essentially completes all of your tasks for you. All you have to do now is make ensuring that the ashtray is in the proper place. The cleaning cup, on the other hand, is a very different story. However, because it is located on the bottom of the smoking device, it is tough to reach.

7. Traeger Grills TFB38TOD Renegade Pro Pellet Grill and Smoke 380 Sq. in. Cooking Capacity

A Traeger offset smoker with a 350-square-inch cooking space is available. Despite this, due to its large cooking space, it cooks meals quickly.

This equipment can easily hold two birds, three racks of ribs, or twelve hamburgers.

I am confident that you will enjoy this device because it delivers meals with a classic wood-fired flavor. Instead of using gas or charcoal, it uses wood as the primary fuel.

This multi-purpose appliance includes five cooking possibilities, including baking, grilling, braising, roasting, and barbecuing, in addition to being a smoker.

8. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 6 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control

This offset smoker makes use of a pellet grill to efficiently burn wood and generate a wood-fired flavor. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with this high-quality item.

Baking or roasting, grilling, barbecuing, and braising are among the five other functions. You can increase the amount of smoke created by adjusting the temperature between 180 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using convection to spread heat in the smoker, in particular, allows for even cooking of meat.

For quick preheating, the appliance has an auto-start option. In addition, for 20 pounds of pellets, cook for 20 hours. The start-up button, as well as the temperature control, can be used to reduce start-up fluid.

You are capable of cooking without difficulty. The smoker will keep the temperature within 10 degrees of the temperature you set.

9. Char-Broil Deluxe Offset Smoker

A Char-Broil Deluxe Offset smoker 40 is ideal for making hamburger jerky and a variety of other dishes, including superb meat smoking. Each dollar is well spent!d

Knowing that you’re making a statement among smokers on a budget of less than $500 It’s not tough to argue that this is the best deal on the market.

It’s also well-built, with enough cooking space to accommodate a small group of smokers, and it’s made by a company known for its excellent smokiness.

How To Choose Best Offset Smoker

In this post, we’ve examined the best offset smokers, but how can you pick the one that’s ideal for you?

Here are some things to consider before making a decision:

Size and Portability

Finding the correct combination of size and cooking capacity is perhaps the most critical item to consider when buying the optimal offset smoker.

Barrels are a common smoking gadget used by top league pitmasters and restaurants, and they may completely take over your backyard. Make sure you don’t buy one that’s too big, or it won’t be worth it to light the fire for a nightly smoke.

The mobility of the product is another factor to consider. When not in use, most smokers feature wheels that can be rolled inside garages. Make sure it’s in the place you want it to be and that it can roll wherever you want it to go.

Types of Offset Smokers

Offset smokers are available in a variety of styles, but there are three major criteria to consider:

Horizontal or Vertical

The direction in which air flows is related to the smoker’s technique. Hot combustion air moves horizontally through the cooking chamber and is subsequently discharged via the chimney in horizontal smoke. Vertical smokers work similarly to horizontal smokers, with the exception that the fuel is stored beneath or above the oven. A vertical smoker can cook for an extended period of time without taking up too much space in your backyard. Dampers are used by both smokers to control the temperature at which the food is cooked.

Fuels – Charcoal or Pellet

The pitmaster’s major source of fuel is charcoal. But keep in mind that it’s the wood chips, not the charcoal, that produce the smoke. Pellet smokers are a new type of smoker that runs solely on wood pellets. The advantage of pellet smokers is that they may be controlled electrically. The thermostat controls how many pellets are fed to the stove over the course of a given length of time. So all you have to do now is select your preferred cooking temperature and make sure the pile is full.

Reverse Flow or Traditional

Reverse flow smokers resemble traditional horizontal smokers, except they allow air to flow in both directions. They’re more sophisticated, which leads in better heating uniformity. More hot zones and maybe more sophisticated heating zones are seen in standard smokers.


Quality is the last factor to consider. Similar to charcoal kettle grills, grills with similar appearances but vastly different functions are available.

The best offset smokers are made of heavy-gauge steel that is welded and long-lasting. It’s also a colossal amount of weight. Many light competitors use low-quality components and silver. They may appear to be identical, yet one will outlast the other. You will receive exactly what you pay for.

Extra Features

These smokehouses have a lot of characteristics to consider, but they are also quite classic in style. Cooking and preparation racks, as well as built-in thermometers and wheels, are all appealing. Find out how simple it is to keep them clean. Is there an ash pan with a removable lid included?

Best Offset Smoker FAQs

What Is the Best Offset Smoker to Buy?

Pellet smokers, barrel smokers, and, of course, an offset are among the several backyard smokers available. What you desire from a charcoal smoker will determine which offset smoker is best for you.

Those without the luxury of a huge budget may wish to consider a high-quality offset smoker, as the smoke-tight feature will only be hampered.

If you’re looking for a competitive grill, an offset smoker with ample of cooking space is the ideal option. Perhaps one with a warming rack or grill grates that can be adjusted.

What’s the secret to finding the best offset smoker for your needs? Consider what you need, what you want to achieve, and the possibilities available to you.

Which Is Better, Offset, or Reverse Flow Smoker?


Although we’d love to give a straightforward response to this issue, it will depend on the type of smoker you seek. Offset smokers are ideal for cooking huge amounts of food.

The firebox is also not located in the cooking chamber. This means you won’t lose heat if you add charcoal or gasoline. It takes a long time to get offset smokers ready to use. Its performance may be affected by the present weather conditions.

Reverse flow

Reverse flow smokers, on the other hand, draw heat from beneath and above the meats. In principle, reverse flow smokers operate at the same temperature and with the same smoke source. This implies that the food is cooked at the same temperature.

However, as you might think, this can present problems when cooking a variety of meats at the same time.

Are offset smokers better than vertical smokers?

If you want to learn the fundamentals of smoking, offset smokers are preferable to vertical smokers. Vertical smokers, on the other hand, have the same heat profile and smoking levels as horizontal smokers. If you’re looking for a smoker with the most reverse flow capability, an upright model is a way to go. However, if you intend to buy an upright smoker, you might not be able to grill with it.

What does offset smokers look to achieve?

Offset smokers, regardless of the material, will be able to cook a large number of meats at once, which is especially useful when preparing celebrations. The excellent construction quality, heavy-duty steel, and, in the event that high-quality grates are integrated, the overall design, provides additional characteristics and functions.


Despite the fact that there are many offset smokers on the market, our experts still recommend the Royal Gourmet as the best offset smoker because of the creativity it brings to the table. Despite the fact that it competes directly with reverse flow smokers, it is still seen as a winner due to the possibility to choose a smoke, the futuristic style, and its easy availability on Amazon and other online shops.

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