Best Electric Griddles

When you want to prepare a fried egg, pancake, or flatbread, a griddle is a great cookware to have. These equipment trace their invention hundreds of years back. The earlier ones were from brick slabs and tablets construction. As time progressed, people started using metallic constructed from cast iron, aluminum, chromium, and most stainless steel.

These days, we have more advanced griddles designed from to quality materials to allow efficient heat conductivity. This is because they are meant for utilizing various sources of heat such as gas or electricity.

The 10 Best Electric Griddles


When you want to equip your kitchen, there is one brand that is worth considering buying appliances from, the Black+Decker. Its a common name, and its products are known to be of high quality, durable and high performing due to the long-time expertise tracing back in 1910. The company diversifies in range divisions such as hardware, home improvement, and cookware among others. Well, one of their kitchen appliances is a BLACK+DECKER GD2011B griddle which is very efficient for preparing enough breakfast for the whole family. Its large size is perfect if you want to give your family exceptional treatment. Also, it’s easy to clean and fast cooking since can get extremely high temperatures.

One of the features that people find it interesting is the large tray in the appliance. Measuring 2 x 22 Inches, it can comfortably cook 8 servings at a go, therefore, no cooking in bits. Moreover, it can cook a variety of foods at the same time on a large tray with little worry about the available space. You can combine your cooking whereby you can cook pancakes, hamburgers, and others side by sides perfectly. You will be amazed as the appliance will cook while experiencing no sticking since the aluminum used is non-sticking.

Another fantastic feature when you acquire the product is the ability to clean quickly. Since it is designed for use by a large family, it tends to work more hence requires frequent cleaning. However, you find that, when you have such appliance, it becomes hard to clean it. But, with this one, it has smooth cleaning procedure. Once done with cooking, you just dishwash it, and is ready for the next cooking. Precisely, the griddle is dishwasher safe.

If you want to prepare your food faster or slowly, it is now very possible without much hassle. This is enabled by the ability of the appliance to be set to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Thereby, when you want to use warm or extra high temperatures, you just need to adjust the thermostat. With these different temperatures setting it is possible to cook your breakfast with ease and faster. Enabled with oil dripping holes, the griddle will deliver perfectly cooked food with appealing color and texture. Besides, the drip tray assists in the collection of excess oil, hence no scooping as cooking is in progress.

When you consider these features, you will get a lot of benefits when you get the griddle. One of these is a spacious surface which is ideal for a whole family. Unlike other compact items, this one gives you a chance to cook at once, and the process is over. Another one is the non-sticking surfaces which is perfect as no food burning while facilitating easy cleaning.

Most of the buyers are excited by the fact that it makes awesome pancakes and it also easier to clean. Also, it is thermostatically controlled meaning it stays at the set temperature until you are done with your cooking. It is easy to use and one customer says she bought it as a gift to her friend and her friend used it the same day.

As with our evaluation, the griddle is large which an ideal feature. It is sturdy, and its performance is way above our expectations. On the other hand, heat distribution is commendable, and it’s an inexpensive product. Above all, the griddle is simple to clean. When you compared it with rivals, the appliance is simply looking and possesses fewer features. But, overall performance is classic.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Uniform heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient temperature control


  • Short power cord


Presto is another household name that is very familiar with every home over. The company is based in Wisconsin and started its operations in 1905 manufacturing small kitchen appliances. Today, it’s known for the production of a variety of kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, deep fryer electric kettles among other items. Now, being the manufacturers of Presto 07061 Electric Griddle, you can bet on the quality, performance, and durability. It is a premium product designed from aluminum to give it superheat conductivity while keeping it food stick-free. Apart from the structural strength, the item is created to give your kitchen a modern look.

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle is a premium item designed to give the best performance and results. It is very light featuring aluminum construction thus eliminating bulkiness, unlike the traditional types which feature heavy iron. This implies that as you cook, the griddle won’t compromise the strength of your working bench. Moreover, the material is safe and stick-free. If you cook your pancakes, they will come out clean and well prepared, since it won’t hold onto the surface.

No more cooking while worrying about food damage by heat. It is now very easy to monitor you cooking temperatures whenever you are cooking. All you need is to set the temperature and cooks efficiently and comfortably. The cookware is fitted with an automatic temperature control mechanism. Once you set your desired heat, you can relax as a food cook. Additionally, the high temperatures can’t damage the appliance as the base is enhanced with thick cast aluminum.

If you look at this item, there is one feature that will amaze you and make you love it to be part of your kitchen appliances. Storability and ease of carrying are the best-appreciated qualities of this product. Unlike other griddles available today, this one is very simple to carry due to the integrated handles. The handles are easily removable when not in use to facilitate storage. Moreover, no tools are required when detaching them since they have latch clips. Additionally, the temperature control is also removable to ensure you experience smooth cleaning as the product is dishwasher safe.

Using this griddle, you will find it useful. This is because it has a large tray enough to make food for a bigger family. Besides the surface being large, it is textured to prevent your delicious food from sticking. Regarding storage, everything is smooth, with a removable handle to make it fit in a standard kitchen cabinet. Therefore, it’s a perfect product for you to enjoy unlimited benefits.

Many customers who have used it are in love with the fact that the temperature control is always accurate; they don’t have to worry about heat surges and all. Also, it takes less space during storage since handles and ‘legs’ can be easily removed. It has non-sticky surfaces meaning your food will never stick to the ‘cooking surfaces’

According to our view, the griddle is a perfect match for every kitchen. A combination of storability, ease of cleaning, and ability to accommodate a large family, is an excellent reason you should buy it. Above all, is the sturdy construction, which enjoys anti-wrapping cast aluminum. Lastly, the item is highly competitive with is rivals since it possesses the majority of useful features.


  • Textured stick-free surface
  • Ideal for maintaining cooking temperature
  • Easy to store: removable handles
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Uneven heating


Hamilton Beach is a common name in many homes and restaurants. It is an American company which is dedicated to providing commercial and home-based kitchen appliances. For over 100 years since its formation, the company has been able to build its profile by offering high-performance products to its customers. You too can be one of beneficially of their fantastic appliances by getting Hamilton Beach 38546 grill/griddle. It allows you to enjoy versatility whenever you are working in your kitchen by utilizing either grill, griddle or a combination. Therefore, we can talk about achieving efficiency and versatility in your home without buying two appliances.

When you want to get cookware to make restaurant-quality cookies, now is possible. All you need is to get this Hamilton 3-in-1. It is ideal for a small kitchen due to its compact designs which make it fit in small cabinets and cooking benches. Although it is compact, it is capable of holding enough quantity to your satisfaction in its non-sticking cooking panels.

While cooking, in some cookware oil tends to accumulate in the frying pan thus altering your food flavor. But, you can relax since this one is fitted with a drain tray. The plate is strategically resting to captures grease from both plates. To maintain the drain plate clean, it is dish dishwasher safe thus cleaning is a minute task.

Another fantastic feature in this appliance is the dual thermostat control. This is important in its 3-in-1 functionality as it facilitates cooking at different temperatures at a go. The dual control system enhances independent heat regulation without interfering with the other panel. On the other hand, you can use the appliance as a grill or a griddle. Further, it can be utilized as a combination of both since the cooking plates are removable and can still work upon inversion. They are non-sticking and free from PFOA-free. Also, cleaning plates is as quickly since they are dishwasher safe and removable.

Imagine cooking two recipes independently on the same appliance. It’s fun and also lets you enjoy a variety of food in every meal. This cookware offers all these due to the equipped dual thermostats. Another advantage of acquiring it is that, despite its dual plates, the draining oil is efficiently managed by the retractable tray. Also, when cleaning tray and cooking plates, it’s easy to clean as they are dish washable.

Most customers who have used this appliance confess that it is a fantastic appliance; for starters, each side has a separate controller meaning you can cook with different temperatures. With different temperature controls, you can also cook different dishes at the same time. It can cook practically everything from burgers to steaks to cut-up potatoes. It is also very easy to clean; all you need is a cloth with some soap and water and your appliance is as good as clean.

To summarize, Hamilton Beach 38546 Grill/Griddle is an excellent product. It eliminates all your cooking fears like some of the available appliances. No harmful materials, it is free from PFOA which are dreadful for your health and stick-free. Finally, the ability to grill, griddle, or combine beats all others. We can confidently recommend this appliance.


  • Dual action cooking panels
  • Independent cooking plates function
  • Easy to collect drain oil
  • Gorgeous design and performance


  • Sometimes food sticks


Are you looking for a perfect griddle from real experts? Why struggle and this Oster CKSTGRFM18WECO is here for you. Manufactured by Jarden Consumer Solutions, the cookware is trustable and heavy–duty. This company is dedicated to ensuring that you have all the necessary kitchen equipment designed as per customer aspirations. Concentrating much on this griddle, it is highly crafted so that it delivers the best performance, durability as well as complementing your kitchen decor. It has a ceramic coating to keep it safe and scratch-resistant while enjoying extra-fast cooking. It is also possible to maintain your food warm as you wait for the rest to get ready through the retractable bottom tray.

This griddle is designed to be sticking resistant. Although there are other appliances designed with the same quality, this one is exceptional. While others are either stainless steel, this one is ceramic coated. The material is durable (4 times than other griddles), heat retaining and cannot easily get scratches/ flaking/peeling. Further, the griddle is safe and won’t compromise your health, since it is free from harmful plastic materials (PFOA and PTFE free).

Efficiency in cooking using this appliance is incomparable with a standard device. Most of the available griddle features either aluminum or stainless steel construction materials. Once they are hot, they tend to lose more heat to the surrounding thus substantially affecting the overall performance. But for Oster, it can cook 20% faster due to the ceramic enhancement. This is achievable through heat conservation enabling you to save more time.

Now, the cooking plate measures 10 x 18.5 inches thus can accommodate a pretty large amount of food. The panel is removable to allow you to have an easy time when serving. But, it’s not always when you can cook enough cookies at the time. The reason being they require more temperature of you want to prepare food for your visitors. With this griddle, you can cook your delicacies and keep them for as long as you will be cooking through the retractable tray at the bottom of the griddle.

Buying this appliance enables you to enjoy some of the best advantages. Among them is that you can use the device as a serving tray after you are through with cooking. It is simple as you just to remove the temperature control panel and you carry your food. Besides carrying, there is the ease of cleaning this appliance. The ceramic surface experiences no sticking scratches flaking or peeling off. Cleaning is smooth and less tiresome.

Our verdict concerning this griddle is that aesthetically and functionally, is fantastic. It offers mores benefits and features than most of the available griddles on the market today and is reasonably priced. Additionally, the ceramic enhancement is another great feature we found since its performance is beyond that of other materials. Finally, it’s worth some griddle for every kitchen.


  • Much faster in cooking
  • Smooth cleaning: no flaking of scratches
  • Attractive design
  • Spacious cooking surface


  • Not perfect non-sticking


Broil King is a known company that specializes in the manufacturing of appliances such as charcoal and gas barbecues, gas grills , and electric grilling. Having cookware from this company is going to improve your kitchen cosmetically and functionally. One of the products that can make your cooking sweeter and enjoyable is Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle. The appliance is constructed by high-quality expertise to deliver amazing results. The materials used are sturdy, Corrosion resistant, and excellent heat conduction. The large cooking tray is also an upper hand, not forgetting ergonomic carrying handles and a removable thermostat.

Buying breakfast snacks for your family is now a forgotten game. You can now cook yours which is fresh and having the same tastes as restaurant one. All you need to have is ingredients and this griddle from broil king. The cookware has a large tray capable of fitting a large volume of food. Measuring 21 ×12 Inches cooking area, it can accommodate a variety of foods like pancakes and eggs at a go without running out of space.

Sometimes one might get home when hungry and in need to prepare quick snacks. Now, waiting for an appliance to heat up is over. This device has a temperature setting control probe to enable you to operate at a designated temperature. Amazingly, the device can achieve up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit; thus you can make fast cooking to save on time. Therefore, whether it is in the morning or at night, the griddle is ready for your use.

Another astonishing quality that enables this cookware to perform is the sturdy construction. With a combination of stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic, the griddles give exceptional results. It features a ceramic tray which is ideal in heat maintaining the set temperatures due to its excellent heat conductivity. Stainless steel is used in the construction of handles to ensure they are firm as well as a backsplash for keeping your benches and walls splash-free from liquid oils. The plastic feet are safe to your working platform since they prevent the cookware from causing scratches.

There are no arguments that this griddle comes with tons of advantages. One of them is the ability to clean with ease. When it is cleaning time, the appliance is fully submersible into the water for easier washing. However, the temperature probe must be removed. The other benefit is that a 2-years warranty backs the products once you get it.

To conclude, it is very easy to cook with this griddle. Once it is in your kitchen, you won’t feel sorry for its purchase. It is safe to your bench, and the ceramic coated plate won’t flake or get scratches quickly. On the other hand, the problem of dripping oil is solved through equipped grease run-off channel. To your adored walls, no oil splashes due to the removable backsplash.


  • Safe on the benches
  • Protect your walls from splashy oil
  • Perfect temperature maintenance
  • Uniform cooking


  • Large and heavy


If you love to cook in your home, then you need a product which will inspire you. With Bella products, you can never feel lazy to prepare mouthwatering snacks. This electric griddle is produced by this company called Bella which beliefs in making decorative and modern-looking household items. Also, its products are created to enhance fun whenever you look or work in your kitchen. To confirm their seriousness, you can look into one if their product known as BELLA Electric Non-Stick Griddle. It is a unique appliance featuring heavy-duty features and also sleekly looking. Enhanced with ceramic copper coating, heat resistance capacity and 8 times durable, it’s a certain product worth investing.

One quality of this cookware is the ability to give superb cooking results. When you get into the kitchen, everybody is determined to cook eye-catching as well as delicious food. But, just imagine getting discouraging results due to a sticking pan. Even for expert chefs, if a tray is sticking the result can be awful. But, from now no more horrible experiences when cooking pancakes, flatbreads or fried eggs. You just need to make this appliance from Bella your handle cookware and forget about food sticking to the pan.

Another great feature to enjoy is the ability to cook at high temperatures without compromising your health. BELLA Electric Non-Stick Griddle is free from dangerous plastics which emit harmful chemicals under high temperatures. Its coating is capable of withstanding high heat up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit due to the heavy-duty coating film. Further, the appliance is free from cadmium and lead which are toxic to the human body.

Now you have a quality to trust and rely on its durability and efficiency. When you have this griddle, you can forget about changing it soon. This is because it features a unique ceramic coating of copper titanium which gives it durability of up to 8 times than a standard coating. Further, the coating gives it 30% more efficiency thus cooking will be taking lesser time. Unlike other types of coating which are damaged when you are turning your food, no more with this griddle. Its coating is tough and won’t let the melted materials get into your food.

Utilizing this appliance in your home attracts a lot of benefits. One way is that you will have checked health. Without hard metals or toxic plastics, you will cook comfortably without any worry. Also, a combination of copper titanium and ceramic uplift its overall performance: quick-cooking and extended durability. On matters concerning cleaning, it is smooth as with just removing temperature probe; the surfaces s is immersible into the water.

In our conclusion, we must say that the product is attractive and above all, excellent performance. Upon evaluation, this device is more efficient than the majority of existing ones. It is 30% effective arising from its heavy-duty coating. Uniform heat distribution is ideal since the device produces uniformly cooked food. Above all, cleaning is a breeze as it can be submerged in water just like other utensils, facilitating proper washing.


  • Frees from heavy metals and plastics
  • Extra-long lasting
  • Safe: heat protected from overheating
  • Heat resistant


  • Smaller and weighty


Getting quality household appliances is every homeowner’s dream, but it proves difficult which brand to choose. If you are looking to make your kitchen more appealing and new, there is one company known as Swissmar dedicated to assisting you. It has been in this sector for over 30 years providing excellent products to a good number of kitchens internationally. Now, you can also become one of their happiest customers by buying this Swissmar KF-77040 Raclette Party Grill. It’s a uniquely crafted appliance to ensure you griddle/grill with style. Further, it’s capable of handling a meal for a large family and comes with 8 heat-resistant spatulas and dishes.

With this cookware, you will never run out of mouthwatering food. It is extra-large with a large cooking cast iron grill which is reversible, thus serves as 2-in 1. The grill measures 9 by 14-inch allowing it to accommodate meal enough for 8 peoples. Therefore whenever you have a party or for your family, you will keep them entertained with refreshing meals. Amazingly, the appliance is safe and can be used on tabletop hence more fun as you grill your food or melting cheese with friends of family members.

After enjoying a delicious meal, time to clean cookware becomes a headache due to stuck food on the surface. On the other hand, some are only manually washable creating unnecessary struggle as you scrub. But don’t worry now, with this one, it is very easy to clean as only soapy water is required and is gleaming clean. On the other hand, you can dishwash it and it won’t experiences any damage once you remove the temperature control probe.

To add more fun when you are cooking, it is not business as usual with this appliance. It comes with 8 heat-resistant spatulas and raclette dishes which are useful especially when you want to have a fun cooking session. Each pan has a resting place on the devices meaning you can cook different recipes. Additionally, these plates increase versatility as you can have unlimited options of what to cook. Further, the cookware is suitable for a variety since you can either broil, grill or baking.

The heat control is crucial when cooking as it is possible to prepare different recipes without compromising the results. Once you have this cooking appliance, you can enjoy various cooking temperatures though the equipped adjusting probe. Above all the products enjoy high construction backed by 1-year warranty.

To conclude, getting Swissmar KF-77040 Raclette Party Grill is the starting point for fun indoors cooking moments. Exhibiting a high construction with cast iron trays, you will enjoy a long time of usage. To add on that once in your kitchen to ensure you enjoy its performance, it has a full-year warranty backing. This equipment is ideal for people with large families. Considering its performance and accessories s we can conclude it’s reasonably priced.


  • Large cooking tray
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Highly versatile: reversible tray
  • Durably constructed


  • Thin coating: scratches easily


Here is another heavy-duty product from Presto that will keep your cooking fun. The good aspect of this company is they know how to maintain their customers at bay with numerous kitchen tools. Therefore whether you want equipment for a large family or individual, you can always get a perfect selection. Presto 07047 Electric Griddle sleek, compactly constructed to ensure you experience convenient storage. Despite its simple looking appearance, it is a sturdy and durable appliance which is jumbo sized. Further, aluminum construction and non-sticking surface give it an upper hand among the same class griddles.

Have you bought a griddle only to get disappointed with it performance due to heat damage? It’s time to buy a tested and certified product that won’t disappoint you. With this jumbo griddle from Presto, everything is now in order. Regardless of the heating mode, you are using the device will remain intact. Its base is strong featuring cast aluminum that is resistant to wrapping. Also, the extra thickness is ideal as it facilitates even heating leading to uniform cooking.

Just as the names suggest this griddle is jumbo-sized hence will allow cooking of a large meal; which is enough for the whole family at once. Measuring 10.5 inches by 20.5 inches, the cooking surface made of non-sticking heavy-duty cast iron; it will always deliver deliciously looking food. Further, as there are no sticking food particles on the surface, it prevents scrubbing which might compromise the durability of the appliance. Cleaning too becomes a minute job as with soapy water and its ok for another use.

As long as you have set cooking temperatures, there is no worry of griddle burning your food. This is different from other brands since it prepares and maintains the set heat. Therefore whether you are cooking a delicate recipe that requires minimal heat, you just press the button, and you have your food ready within a few minutes. The master heat control can monitor the temperatures from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with 50 degrees increment.

Utilizing this griddle keeps you ahead in that; it is an efficient and economical device. With master temperature control capable of maintaining cooking heat, it means you will enjoy more economic power usage than with other kitchen appliances like ovens. Another way to be as a step ahead of other griddles is the cool base which ensures it has a stable resting on the table. Then, Presto provides cover for the equipment for 2-years.

Our verdict concerning this griddle is that; it is an extra-large product that offers unlimited cooking space (hence the name jumbo). A combination of aluminum and heavy-duty cast iron cooking surface is perfect in ensuring excellent cooking capacity and durability of the cookware. Finally, the impressive 2-years warranty proves the item is high quality and ideal to be party of your kitchen and perfect for large families.


  • Adequate cooking surface
  • Stables and robust base
  • Easy setup and use
  • Maintains cooking heat efficiently


  • Weak plastic edges


Zojirushi is a Japanese-based multinational company specializing in making known household items such as electric kettles, water dispensers among others. The company is known for the production of high-quality consumer electronic appliances that are competitive and trustable worldwide. Tracing its roots in 1918, it boasts long-time expertise as well as innovative technology to keep their competitors in toes. One of the known consumer appliances is Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Electric Griddle. The cookware is highly crafted using heavy-duty materials as well as a sleek design which are appealing and complementing to existing utensils.

When you want to eat a variety of meals, you need this tabletop cooking griddle. It is crafted to enhance safety and versatility. The appliance is safe and easy to use as you relax on your room since it can work while on the tabletop without causing damage. This is important as you don’t have a need to go to the kitchen, you just prepare your ingredients and cook as you relaxes with your family in the living room.

Cooking is now comfortable and safe with this griddle; it features a low-profile construction to enhance safety when cooking. In case of a trembling or weak bench, it ensures that the device is difficult to slip and fall. On the other hand, the tray is housed inside a bodyguard to prevent scalding. The equipped lid is also ideal for providing additional protection as well as keeping your food hot and faster cooking.

The cooking plate is s large measuring 19″ x 12.5’’ to ensure it has ample space. Therefore you can combine your different food like pancakes, eggs, and others while maintaining its cooking unaffected. Additionally, the heating surface is ceramic made with titanium enhancement to improve durability and also ease of cleaning. To add on the cooking surface, it is non-sticking; thus you can achieve smooth cooking without altering the shape of your food.

This griddle comes with many advantages when it is resting on your kitchen. One way you will celebrate about this appliance is the efficiency when cooking. A combination of temperature regulation and a covering lid ensures you achieve fast cooking. Moreover, its design allows for unlimited cooking since it can cook a variety of food.

To sum up, concerning the functionality and general appearance of this griddle is astonishing. One of its uniqueness is that it comes with a lid. Not many appliances possess this feature. Further, it’s cooking plate works when immersed on a protector to give it maximum safety. Its temperature setting is higher than the other comparable products thus giving it an uppers hand. However, it’s a bit expensive.


  • Covering to fasten cooking
  • Immersible cooking plate for enhanced safety
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Long electric cord (6 feet)


  • Heavy: it weighs 12 pounds


Secura is a company which has been specializing in manufacturing small household appliances. Besides kitchen appliances, it also manufactures and sells health and beauty products. Since its ventures into the business, the company has sold over 8 million kitchen items in North American only. Their products are constructed considering various factors such as eco-friendly, performance, and ease of use. Secura GR-1503XL Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle is one of the hot appliances from this company on the market. Featuring a removable glass lid, and reversible cooking panels it will bring revolution in your kitchen.

Among the top features in this cookware is a large cooking plate. The 15.5”x11.5” non-sticking surface is ideal for cooking a variety of meals to suit your requirements. Amazingly, it is a 2-in-1 as it can grill or griddle since it is reversible. This ensures you save time as you cook. Unlike other available appliances, this cookware features sandwiched heating coils to make you cooking more efficient and help in saving cabinet storage space.

As you cook, when the food is covered tends to cooks fast. This is due to maintained pressures. Also, the lid is important in preventing the escape of vital nutrients. Now you can maintain your nutrients as you watch your food cook. This griddle has a removable glass lid. To make opening easy, it also has an ergonomic and heat-resistant handle. Further, the incorporated vent enables moisture to escape resulting to crispy food.

Sleek design is another feature which will make you go for this appliance. Once you need to transport the griddle, it is easy; at the sides are ergonomic handles. On the other hand, the housing is sleekly designed and disassembling is quickly for storage or cleaning. The removable thermostat is ideal for setting required temperatures to ensure you attain the correct food texture. Further, when the appliance is working, it has a light indicator to signal whether device is working.

Considering the features in this griddle, it is accompanied by numerous benefits. Among them is the ability to monitor your cooking due to fitted glass lid. Also, as you enjoy the process, it enables you to achieve faster cooking. Another one is the ability to wash the appliance with ease ass it can disassemble completely. The1-year warranty gives you confidence when you are cooking

To finalize, this griddle is a premium product worth investing your money. Its unique construction makes it a great device for grilling and griddling. With convertible panels, you cannot experience storage problems. Also, the 2-in-1a features increase versatility as well as the indicator to ensure you are aware when cooking process is going on.


  • Clear glass lid to enhance fast cooking
  • Versatile: convertible cooking panels
  • Easy assembling /disassembling
  • Durable stainless steel tray


  • A bit pricey

The Features to Consider

Surface: As you shop, the surface of a griddle is paramount when it comes to cleaning. Since they are manufactured from different materials, the ease of cleaning also differs across the materials. Well, currently, it is very easy to get cookware, which are non-sticking. They are durable as no scrubbing and cleaning is a breeze.

Size: Size is another vital feature consider when buying every cookware or any other household equipment. Same as traditional griddles, electric ones come in differing sizes; therefore, depending on the available space in your kitchen. Amazingly, flat griddles are more spacious, and if you haves limited space, you might require buying a small opening and closing cookware.

Heat Control: Heat control means a lot when you want to cook mouthwatering food. This is because different food requires accurate cooking temperatures. Thereby, as you search for a griddle, look for one with the ability to set to low, medium, and high because it gives you versatility when you are cooking. Further, these days it’s possible to get a griddle with dual thermostat; thus, you can divide it into two. It works by heating half of the appliance thereby enabling cooking at different temperatures.

Drip Trays: Griddles are versatile and can cook a variety of fast foods; therefore, some like beacons and sausages requires mores oil. Now, some of the available cookware is designed with oil dripping holes to ensure that as you cook the oil will drain to the tray. Others are fitted with gutters running around while others have oil well at one end.

In our review, we are going to look into details the top most electric griddle, which is right for your kitchen


Electric griddles are perfect appliances to keep in your kitchen. They are designed to be versatile and more economical than power hungry ovens. Once you want to upgrade your home, these items are designed with a compact design to make storage a breeze. Further, they are easy to clean and boasts high efficiency. Well, it is now easy to choose your perfect appliance without doing trial and errors. It is time to cook your favorite breakfast and forget to order commercial ones.

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