Best Fruit Bowls

Fruit bowls play a big role in homes. If your fruits go bad fast because of your poor storage options, this is the product to use. By improving the circulation of air around fruits, they keep them fresh and tasty for a long. Fruit bowls are also eye-catching. They improve the outlook of living rooms and kitchens.

Fruit bowls are of many types. Eye-catching designs of various shapes and sizes are readily available online. The type and quality of the materials used to make them also differ, with wood and metal standing out. To help you find the best fruit bowl for your home, we have identified a few suitable brands. Made of quality materials, they are durable. They also have spacious and multi-functional designs that satisfy the needs of most people.


Many people store their fruits in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. This is a bad decision. It not only compromises the structure of fruits such as bananas but also their nutrient level. For the best results, use a fruit tree bowl such as DecoBros. Even though simple looking, the functionality of this bowl is at another level. Its spacious design (13×5 inches), for instance, fits most types of fruits. You can store oranges and mangoes in it, for instance, with good results. Its removable hanger, on the other hand, is perfect for hanging bananas. A new one will serve you well.

Have you bought many fruit bowls that have tarnished or broken over time? DecoBros will serve you better for many reasons. Made of high-quality metal (wire), for instance, it withstands abuse well. You can pile many fruits in it without compromising its structure. The classic bronze coating that it has is also one of a kind. It is eye-catching. It also resists rust and corrosion over time, unlike some low-grade bowls.

Recommended for use in homes and offices, this is one of the safest fruit bowls in stores. Whilst in use, for instance, you do not have to worry about chemicals such as BPA poisoning your fruits. Its chemical-free design does not compromise the quality of fruits. Moreover, its breathable design improves the circulation of air around fruits. This keeps them fresh and tasty for days or weeks (depending on the type).

To keep your fruits fresh and tasty, you do not have to empty your bank account on a fruit bowl. Even though professional-grade, this is an affordable product. Most people can afford one for their homes or offices.

DecoBros is a stylish wire fruit bowl with a spacious 13×5-inch design. This is a sturdy product. It is also safe, affordable, and fitted with a hook for bananas. A new one will not only serve you well but also look good in your home.


  • BPA-free components
  • Durable metal frame
  • Spacious (13×5 inches)
  • Stylish bronze theme
  • Sturdy fruit hanger


  • None


Even though simple, fruit bowls are versatile household accessories that play an essential role. If you enjoy fruits, for instance, a quality one such as InterDesign Twigz will never let you down. Made of a bronze-finished wire, its longevity is admirable. You can load heavy fruits such as mangoes and melons in it without it breaking. It is also tarnished and rust-resistant. Set up well in kitchens or living rooms, this product will never let you down.

Everything about this InterDesign Twigz Fruit Bowl is admirable. If you are looking for a durable product that will secure your fruits well, this is a suitable brand. It accommodates most types of fruits well. If you are looking for a stylish bowl that will improve the outlook of your home, it is also a good option. Its open design displays fruits charmingly. You will also like the eye-catching lattice and finish that it has. They stand out in both traditional and contemporary homes.

The small fruit bowls that sell cheaply on the Internet often disappoint people. To have an enjoyable time at home, look for a quality brand such as InterDesign Twigz. Measuring 10×4 inches, its spacious and round design satisfies the needs of most people. It accommodates a variety of fruits of various shapes and sizes. Its visibility also makes it a good centerpiece for homes. It will attract you many compliments during your indoor parties.

This bowls open design ripens fruits fast. It also keeps them fresh and ready to enjoy without the intervention of people. This is notable. Finally, because InterDesign Twigz has sturdy feet, it lifts fruits off surfaces. It will keep your fruits dry, clean, and ready to enjoy at home.

Apart from its slippery base, everything about this fruit bowl is good. Made of metal, it has a sturdy and durable design. Its bronze theme is eye-catching, while its ability to ripen and keep fruits dry and clean is admirable.


  • Stylish bronze-themed design
  • Durable wire frame (woven)
  • Keeps fruits dry and clean
  • Spacious design (10×4 inches)
  • Secures most types of fruits


  • Very slippery


To keep your fruits ripe and delicious, storing them in a fruit bowl is a good decision. Do not buy any cheap brand, though. The low-quality materials used to make them do not last for long. Others have harsh chemicals that poison fruits in storage. To avoid such issues, look for this Spectrum Diversified Yumi fruit stand. Its tiered design is spacious. You can store many fruits in it without running out of space. It is also sturdy, charming, and recommended for use in most areas of homes.

Made of satin nickel-coated steel, this is a durable product. Over the years, you do not have to worry about it breaking under stress. You can load mangoes, oranges, and pineapples in it without issues. The material also has a rust and corrosion-resistant design. Used in kitchens, you do not have to worry about it rusting or tarnishing over time.

Most bowls secure different types of fruits well. However, if you are looking for a premium one that can ripen fruits as well, this is one of the best brands. Its open design distributes heat evenly on fruits. This not only hastens ripening but also makes sure that fruits ripen evenly.

Even though stacked, Spectrum Diversified has a well-balanced design that does not topple over under stress. You can also set it up on most types of surfaces without it toppling over. Its sturdy base has non-slip feet.

Buy Spectrum Diversified Yumi to get a spacious (tiered) fruit stand that accommodates most types of fruits. This is a durable product. It also has an eye-catching nickel-silver finish that does not rust or corrode over time.


  • Non-slip feet
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Spacious design (tiered)
  • Accommodates most fruits
  • Ripens fruits evenly


  • Amateurish soldering


The plastic bowls that people use to store their fruits compromise their quality over time. Their hard and solid surfaces, for instance, squash fruits. They also ripen fruits unevenly, which frustrates most people. To avoid such issues, look for an open bowl such as Home Basics Scroll. Its bronze theme is eye-catching. In your traditional or modern kitchen, it will complement your décor well. It is also rust and corrosion-proof. Some similar brands lose their charm when exposed to water or moisture.

With most modern brands of fruit bowls, storage space is a major concern for people. Their small and non-functional designs often fail to satisfy the needs of people. With the Home Basics Scroll Collection, you should expect better results. Measuring 11×5.25 inches, this is a spacious fruit basket. You can store mangoes, bananas, and apples in it without issues.

This basket’s style and functionality have attracted attention all over the world. If you are looking for a durable basket for day-to-day use, it is also one of the best. Its frame withstands abuse well. The thick metal used to make it does not break or bend under stress. Its unique scroll design is also novel. It is both stylish and durable.

Buy the Home Basics Scroll Collection to get an eye-catching bronze-themed fruit bowl that works like a charm. Its decorative scroll design blends well with homes. Made of metal, it also has a durable and spacious design that secures and ripens fruits evenly. Avoid the cheap plastic bowls that are popular online.


  • Decorative scroll design
  • Protective scroll finish
  • Spacious (11×5.25 inches)
  • Accommodates most fruits
  • Stable metal feet


  • Poor balance (wobbly)


Renowned for the tiered fruit bowls in its possession, Spectrum Diversified has products for personal and commercial use. If you are looking for a spacious one that will boost the outlook of your kitchen, this is a suitable model. Its tiered design (two) is spacious. You can store two different types of fruits in it without issues. It is also stylish. The food-safe black coating used to finish it stands out in kitchens. It also has a chip-proof design that does not corrode or rust over time.

Fruit bowls and baskets are perfect for securing fruits at home. To ripen your fruits evenly, they are also good products to use. Spectrum Diversified Scroll, for instance, excels in this job for many reasons. Its open design, for instance, keeps fruits well-aerated. This prevents rotting. It also ripens most species of fruits evenly in most settings. You will love it.

Some brands of fruit bowls topple over easily. This is not the case with Spectrum Diversified Scroll. Even though tired, you get a stable accessory that accommodates most types of fruits. Its deep baskets contain fruits well. Made of solid steel, they also have durable designs that support a lot of weight. If you have a high-traffic kitchen, therefore, this is one of the best fruit bowls to use.

Order this fruit bowl from a reputable supplier. It scratches and dents easily if shipped incorrectly. With an original, however, you will have the time of your life. It is sturdy. Its spacious design (tiered), on the other hand, is perfect for storing most types of fruits. This is a good kitchen accessory.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Spacious tiered design
  • The open and airy design
  • Ripens most fruits evenly
  • Stable frame and feet
  • Rust and corrosion-proof


  • Poor shipping


Kitchen items such as the best oven mitts are of different types. This is the same for fruit bowls. This does not mean any cheap bowl will serve you well. Look for a premium product such as Francois et Mimi to have good results indoors. Handmade using iron, this is a quality product. The material is durable. Under stress, it does not bend and or break as some cheap ones often do. Its chemical-free structure is also safe for most types of fruits. These include mangoes, oranges, and even apples.

Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that protect people from various diseases. To keep your delicious and nutritious for long, do not store them in refrigerators or shelves. Quality fruit tree bowls such as Francois et Mimi work better. Its decorated design is eye-catching. It boosts the outlook of most kitchens without costing people a lot of money, also airy, which is beneficial for fruits. It not only ripens them evenly but also keeps them fresh for long.

Do you enjoy bananas? Do you struggle to store them at home? Most of the solid bowls that people have at home crush and or mush them in storage. This compromises their taste. For the best results, order this Francois et Mimi bowl online. Its spacious basket secures apples and oranges well. Its sturdy hook, on the other hand, is perfect for holding bananas. It secures them well without compromising their structure or taste.

If you are looking for a spacious fruit basket with a sturdy hanger for your bananas, buy this one. Its handmade metal frame is durable. Its spacious and stylish design not only secures fruits well but also blends well with homes. You can use it as a centerpiece for your dining table with good results.


  • Sturdy banana holder
  • Spacious handmade basket
  • Durable metal frame
  • Decorative design
  • Holds most species of fruits


  • None


Do not confuse the simplicity of this fruit bowl from Spectrum Diversified for a weakness. In terms of style and performance, it stands out in many ways. If your fruits take a long time to ripen, for instance, this is one of the best remedies. Its open design aerates fruits well. It also fast-tracks ripening without compromising the nutritional value of your preferred fruits. You will enjoy having a new one in your kitchen.

This is a multifunctional bowl. Measuring 11x11x5.5 inches, for instance, its spacious design fits most types of fruits and vegetables. Whether you enjoy mangoes or oranges, you will store them safely in this top-rated fruit bowl. Apart from holding and ripening fruits, this bowl is perfect for serving muffins and rolls. Because of its lightweight design, you can transport it effortlessly, even when loaded to capacity.

Made of sturdy steel, this is a durable fruit bowl. Unlike most glass and plastic bowls that break easily, it lasts for a long. The material also has an eye-catching black finish that does not corrode or rust over time. It will blend well with your kitchen, living room, or dining table.

Are you looking for a low-cost fruit bowl that you will enjoy using for a long? Because of their low budgets, most people opt for low-grade bowls that disappoint them over time. Do not make the same mistake. Even though cheap, Spectrum Diversified is a durable product with a spacious design. In a household or commercial setting, it offers value for money.

If you enjoy hardy fruits such as mangoes and oranges, this is one of the best fruit bowls to use. It is charming, spacious, and made of high-quality steel. Its black theme, on the other hand, stands out at home.


  • Eye-catching black theme
  • Durable metal basket
  • Spacious fruit basket
  • Ideal for serving muffins
  • Ripens fruits evenly
  • Keeps fruits off counters


  • Bruises some fruits


Judging by its frequency on our list, there is no double that Spectrum Diversified is a reputable brand. It is home to many high-quality products that work well in most homes. This traditional-looking scroll fruit bowl, for instance, is one of its bestsellers. With one, you will get a durable metal bowl that measures 10.25×10.25×5.75 inches. It has a spacious design. Whether you enjoy mangoes or oranges, this product will serve you well.

When fully loaded with fruits, kitchen bowls undergo a lot of stress. Most of the flimsy ones people buy cheaply online crumble easily under such abuse. This is not the case with this Spectrum Diversified scroll bowl. Made of heavy-duty steel, it is one of the toughest products in this niche. It does not bend or break easily. You can also load most types of fruits in it without compromising its overall structure in any way.

Most people like charming accessories. To get an eye-catching fruit bowl that you can use as a centerpiece at home, look for this product. Its decorations stand out from a distance. Its unique black finish is also one of a kind. It stands out indoors. It also protects it frame from water and the volatiles that fruits release in storage. The risk of it rusting or tarnishing over time is slim.

The tiny ball feet that this fruit ball has secure it well on most types of surfaces. Whether you set it up on a granite countertop or a wooden table, it will serve you well. The risk of it slipping or toppling over while in use is slim.

Made of steel, this is a durable fruit basket. It does not break down easily. Its charming design and ability to secure large batches of fruit have also made it sought-after worldwide. This bowl delivers good results in homes.


  • Sturdy ball feet
  • Durable steel bowl
  • Stylish black finish
  • Spacious interior


  • Too big for some people


In homes, storing large batches of fruits is a chore for some people. They take up a lot of counter space. The cheap plastic bowls that some use squash fruits. This hastens rotting. If you grapple with such issues often, we have found a good remedy for you. Buy InterDesign Axis to get a chrome fruit bowl with many desirable features. Its size, for instance, is admirable. Measuring 12×6 inches, you get a wide and deep bowl for storing most species of fruits. These include both small and large ones.

Bruised fruits rot quickly. They also lose their taste and nutritional value faster whilst under stress. To avoid such issues, this fruit bowl from InterDesign Axis will come to your aid. It accommodates both vegetables and fruits. Its smooth and open design, on the other hand, does not bruise such items whilst in storage. Instead, it keeps them fresh and ready to eat. It also promotes fast and even ripening on most fruits.

This is a decorative fruit bowl. Set up on tables and countertops, its chrome these stands out. Its body also has decorative swirls, which boost its outlook further. It makes a good centerpiece for kitchens and dining rooms.

Recommended for homes, this chrome-themed InterDesign Axis fruit bowl is an eye-catching product. Used as a centerpiece, it boosts the outlook of homes. Its spacious design also secures most types of fruits without browsing. These include mangoes, oranges, and delicate bananas.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Does not bruise fruits
  • Spacious (12×6-inches)
  • Ideal for tables and countertops


  • None


Do not go cheap on fruit bowls whenever you are shopping online. For good results at home, look for a decent product such as Seville Classics from your favorite store. Its spacious 13-inch design delivers good results indoors. You can store most types of fruits in it without issues. Made of bamboo (100%), it also has an eye-catching and BPA-free bowl that most people like. You will do too.

Delicate fruits such as bananas bruise easily when stored in bowls. When squashed, they also rot fast, which costs people money. With Seville Classics, however, this is a non-issue. The double hook fruit tree that it comes with secures fruits such as bananas as well. It is also perfect for storing plantains and other similar fruits. The value of this fruit bowl is amazing.

The bamboo bowl that this product comes with does more than hold fruits. If you serve soups and salads often, you can use it as well. It is light. Transporting it is a breeze. It also has a removable and leak-proof design that delivers good results indoors. Instead of the cheap plastic container that you use often, use this one. It has a class. It also delivers memorable results.

This product’s smooth espresso finish stands out. It is eye-catching. If you use this bowl in water-prone areas such as kitchens, it also protects it from corrosion and rust. To maintain its charm, wipe it clean occasionally.

To own a charming and long-lasting fruit bowl, this is one of the best brands to buy. Its spacious bamboo bowl holds most types of fruits. Its double hook tree secures bananas and plantain well, while its charming espresso theme does not fade over time.


  • Spacious bamboo bowl
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Double hook fruit tree
  • Stylish espresso theme
  • Naturally BPA-free


  • None



Fruit bowls protect fruits from bruises. They also promote even ripening and have charming designs that work as good centerpieces for homes. To find a functional one for day-to-day use, check its size. If you have large mangoes or oranges at home, buying a small and non-functional fruit bowl is a bad idea. Look for a brand that can satisfy your needs.


Always check the material of your preferred fruit bowl before reaching for your pocket. Is it durable? Does it lack harsh chemicals such as BPA? These are among the most important attributes to keep in mind. Spacious bowls made of quality materials such as steel are the best.


Avoid poorly finished fruit bowls that often bruise fruits. You should also avoid the wobbly and or slippery brands that sell dirt-cheap online. For the best results, look for a stable and airy bowl that works well on most surfaces. They secure fruits well for safe storage.


Do you store fruits in low-quality plastic bowls that bruise them often? If you have a few dollars, buy one of our recommended fruit bowls to solve this issue. They secure most types of fruits well. The quality materials used to make them, on the other hand, are durable and safe. Apart from securing fruits well, they are good centerpieces for homes.

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